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Deads and Squats on Same Day?

If I’m not doing them on the same day, when would I work them? Would I put deadlifts with back and squats with legs? I normally do deadlifts and squats on leg day so I’m not really sure

I arrange my workouts around squats and deads and always do them first. I do pushing exercises on squat day and pulling exercises on dead day.

I did them on the same day once like this:

6x4 on all exercises
A1. Deadlift
A2. Squat

Needless to say it was a pain in the ass, literally.

I used to be in a push-pull program similar to joburnet’s.

I have been doing a push/pull/legs split for a while now, training three days a week.

I started by putting squats on legs day (no-brainer) and deads on pull day (together with pull-ups and rows), but found it unproductive to have leg stimulation on two days out of three.

I’m now doing boths squats and deads on legs day…and it feels a lot better than I had thought it would! Today I did 8x3 deads followed by 4x6 squats (with a lighter squat weight than usual); next legs day I will reverse the two and lighten the deads.

This seems to be working quite well for me, but you’ll only know if it will work for you once you try it out for a while.

ya, I’ve been doing squats and deadlifts on the same day for almost a year now, and so far it has felt pretty good. I guess I can try switching it up a bit and doing a push/pull workout.

I used to do them same day I’m currently taking a break from them and doing different leg stuff and more good mornings for lower back. I didn’t have a problem doing it same day, but I wouldn’t recommend much more leg stuff other then those 2 since its pretty taxing.

i find it overly taxing to do both on the same day. that is if you’re going all out.

for example, last night was my dead night. i performed 5 x 5… threw in some power cleans, cluster sets, and one set of squats. so basically im standing in front of the squat rack all day.

i do something similar for my squat day which is usually 2 - 3 days later.

I usually do one with higher reps, and one with higher weight so I can train both with intensity.

I had good results on a 5x1 dead followed by 5x1 squat program.

Man, you guys who do both on one day must have resiliant lower backs. Wow.

[quote]The Bambino wrote:
Man, you guys who do both on one day must have resiliant lower backs. Wow.[/quote]

You just got to try it, takes a bit of getting used to but I had great results doing it.

I’ve found that deadlift specialists often use their squats as warm-ups for their deadlifting workouts. I trained with a monster lifter 740lb puller at 181lbs who swore by this method of training.

At 6’3 I can tell you my lower back took a beating when I started doing deads/squats on the same day…there are some really interesting articles at Westside Barbell’s website about how to improve them both, but you have to throw in reverse hypers or good mornings, which in my case really kept my lower back healthy for DLs.

Its easy to fatigue your back by doing the deadlifts first and then subjecting yourself to heavy squats, so make sure to switch them up and stretch.

I’m always amazed reading about people pulling them off on the same day. I tried it and simply found it to be too much. Personally I can’t go all out on deads, than expect to have much left for a full squat workout.