Deads and Hyperextentions

A follow-up and a question. For those who recommended alternating Squats and Conventional/Sumo Deads on subsequent Leg Workout Days; I feel stonger, tighter and appear to be recuperating better. Thanks! However, I would like to begin to incorporate Hyperextentions into my Dead day. Question: Would you do the Deads before the Hypers, or visa-versa? (I would think Hypers FIRST, because it appears that the Erectors are sort of “pre-exhausted” by the Deads). Any thoughts?

Easy, (Just as a warm-up) first do a set or 2 of bodyweight only hypres, or as I do,
rev.hypers. Then do your heavy sumo routine…Now proceed to the weighted hypers
or rev.hypers… Hope this helps! (Joey Z.)

glad it worked;) I would do deads first, either will effect the other so it kinda depends on what you want to accomplish. if you are a “legs” deadlifter you might want to do hypers first but that is the only time I would. I would worry about doing hypers first because I feel it may mess up my form. if you have been doing deads for awhile I am sure you have a “groove” that feels best, if you pre-exaust your erectors I think it may mess up your “groove” and I think that could be dangerous with several hundred pounds hanging from your arms. I also think if size is the objective you should overload the body as much as possible and I think you will have greater overall overload by doing deads first. but what kind of hypers do you do? do you do heavy or high rep? if they are high rep I don’t see any reason why you can’t do them on squat day, if you go heavy I would do them after deads. peace