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Deadly New Articles

In this week’s T-Nation:

Alpha Males and Beta Males
by TC

Our sesquipedalian leader waxes eloquently about pack hierarchy. Which reminds me, I haven’t peed on T-mod’s car today.

The One Dumbbell Workout
by Dan John

Keep it simple, but don’t be stupid. Kick it old school with the One Dumbbell Workout!

The Mutation Series, Part II
by Christian Thibaudeau

Preserve muscle with low reps while cutting. Also, sexy photos of hairless Canadians! (Not that there’s anything wrong with being Canadian.)

Neanderthal No More, Part II
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

If you look like Ringo chasing around Lana, this article is for you. Zug-zug!

(Now that, kiddies, is an obscure reference even Dennis Miller would be proud of! Free T-Nation shirt to the first person who explains it!)

Losing Your (Energy) Balance, III
by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

The Lonman confesses that he has sex in an Xvest.

Okay, he didn’t say that exactly, but we have our suspicions.

Cattle Call!

Have you gotten in great shape using T-Nation and <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>HOT-ROX? Then we have $1000 with your name on it! Mooooo!

Isn’t Ringo chasing Lana from the movie Caveman? Me Tunda.

Ringo and Lana are from an 80’s movie called, appropriatley, “Caveman”. Ringo chases after Lana the whole movie, trying to impress her so he can have zug-zug with her. He is tireless in his quest for this neanderthalic babe. after all that chasing, he always comes up short, in the end he finally wins her over, and he chooses a different cave chick. proving that we only want what we can’t have.


Free T-shirts to Karnage and ShortDave!

No reader mail?


This is the best day of the week.





I’m pining for reader mail but nice issue otherwise.

Has reader mail been deep sixed!!

Yeah, I’m missing the smart alec comments and gratuitious ass shots, but I’m guessing they are busy getting the surprise(s) finished off instead…

Actually, I’ve never gotten any feedback on the News section. I didn’t know if people liked it or not.

But no worries. News and Reader Mail is evolving.

I just wish we had our normal home page back :frowning:


Like the graphic says, sometimes you must destroy…


Here’s to hoping we get to see what it’s all about soon though.

TC is a hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianist in waiting…

I enjoyed the news section. Reader mail, especially from illiterate morons, was always fun, too.

News and reader mail is the best! you see people ask questions you often think, you see the latest research, and sometimes you get a laugh at the expense of someone who can’t speak english properly

Gosh darn it to heck, I was hoping Alpha Male and Red Bands would be released this week. Oh well, I guess I will just have to hope for next week now.

I remember that movie some guy gets a giant spider smashed on his face!

To offer official feedback:

I really enjoy the news as well as the reader mail.

Is “Behind the Scenes” coming back?