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Deadllift Question Re Bar Issues

I have an issue with my deadlifts currently and hope someone may be able give a reason for the issue. In Sep 17 I pulled 240kg with a Texas deadlift bar and metal plates and since used that as a max for training percentages with no issues or missed lifts. I took a couple of weeks off, then changed gyms in Jan 18 and have been using Eleiko weightlifting bar and Eleiko bumper training plates. I adjusted my max for training down to 230kg to allow for time off etc. Over the last few weeks I have had issues pulling 210kg and above as the bar is sliding out of my under hand of the mixed grip. This is happening either at the floor, just below knee or just short of lock out. This last week I used a Eleiko Power bar which is much stiffer but still the same issue and started to roll out at 205kg. To me the knurling’s on these bars are mild and leave my hands feeling smooth as if the calluses have been filed down (my wife said they feel like I had a manicure). I do remember after using the Texas bar my hands always felt rough and sore with cut up calluses. Could these issues be down to the Eleiko bars having slightly larger diameter bar shaft, smoother knurling and using bumper plates instead of metal? I have never missed a deadlift due to grip it has always been due to another area of weakness normally mid shin, and to suddenly loose the best part of 40kg is perplexing.

If we are just talking about the different bars you answered your own question mane. Honestly the Eleiko power bar and takedown versions’ knurlings are significantly more aggressive then some commercial gym bars.

Deadlift bar max even without grip issues is probably gonna be more than stiff bar max anyways due to the fully sick whippage so your estimated max on your new equipment is probably off.

However you spin it or whatever has been the case in the past you have grip issues now lel so get to working on that.

If it’s your grip going then start using straps when you can’t hold on anymore but try to use straps as little as possible overall.

For everything else e.g. rows and shit same deal. So probably shouldn’t be using straps for accessory work at all unless you do some really hardcore shit. May want to throw in extra grip work too from fancy stuff to just holding the bar at the top of the DL for a bit longer.

40kg difference sounds a bit much tho so maybe there’s some other factors involved here e.g. detraining effect on grip strength, training related e.g. excessive fatigue/ overreaching / overtraining etc.

I think the bar’s are partly to blame as much less aggressive knurling between Eleiko and Texas, I didn’t think to take into account the whippy v stiff difference, and looking back at my training log I did hit 210x3 and 117x1, 3 weeks ago on the weightlifting bar, so will factor that in by dropping max, using straps (which I hate but clearly needs to happen short term) and adding grip work as suggested.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Deadlift bars are thinner, which makes them easier to grip. That is why you are having problems with an Eleiko bar. Do grip work.

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