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I’ve just recently started deadlifting, but I find that I have trouble keeping the arch in my back and getting low enough to lift. I started doing sumo deadlifts, which I was easily able to do, but I was hoping to be able to do traditional deadlifting as well. Could it possibly be a flexibility problem? If so, how could I fix that? Or maybe it’s just my form? I put my heels as far under the bar as possible, with my shins slightly touching the bar. My feet are a little bit wider than shoulder-width, with the toes pointing out. I know I don’t really have a good question here…but I don’t know what to ask, because I don’t know what my issue is.

can’t get low enough to lift? Are your legs like 10ft long?

Are you bending your knees at all??

Although you should be able to get down to the bar with an arched back, powerlifters don’t lift that way. Neither should the bar be close to your shins-it should be 1-2 inches away. What are your goals?

I’ve been having the same issue lately. A few months ago I could get down low enough with too much trouble, but after HF training I tightened up a bunch (not enough stretching I suppose).

I find working on hip flexibility Pre-workout to significantly improve this problem at least short term (for about 30 minutes or so I have increased ROM). Focus on lengthening the hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, adductors, and calves via mobility drills/short static stretching and it should help a bit.

Until I can get low enough, I plan on elevating the bar slightly to maintain proper back posture and focus on pulling myself down into position to slowly lengthen ROM.

Thanks Trogdor, I’ll look into more stretching and see how that helps.