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Does anyone know how to deadlift off the podium with the bar constantly in contact with your legs. I find that as i hoist up the bar i have to pull it towards me in order for it to come into contact with my shins. When i lower the bar, i have to push it away from my shins for the weight to rest on the floor. This really affects my maximal loading. Has anyone figured this out?

I used to have that same problem. I’ve found it really helps if you put on a pair of knee high socks so the bar can rub your shins without cutting you up and concentrate on getting back on your heels and keeping your head back…look up the entire time. You just gotta work with it and practice until the bar becomes an extension of your body. Remember to pull the bar in, not up… In order to do this you’ve gotta dig your feet back into the ground with all the weight on your heels…you should be able to lift the front part of your foot and wiggle your toes during a deadlift…It’s one of those things that you’ll practice, practice, and practice and it’ll never feel right until one day you get it right and from then on it’s easy. Hope this helps.

When you say you’re doing deads off a podium, are you talking about a raised block? If so, a couple things might help. For one, deads off a block usually end up being Romanian deads. Here, you concentrate on keeping your shins vertical throughout the movement and really pushing you butt back to feel the stretch in your hams and glutes. Two, yes, there is a motion of “pulling in” the bar when you come up, but the bar shouldn’t hit your shins, nor does it need to stay in contact with them throughout the movement. I bet your abs are weak. If they were stronger, you could maintain more of a forward lean during the leg drive, which would eliminate the shin drag. Have an olympic or powerlifter with a big deadlift or clean pull evaluate your form. Good luck.


Same idea as the one Kelly offered: I bought a pair of cheap shin gaurds (full length, not the short plastic versions!). Not worrying about removing a thick strip of skin (seriously, I have the scars) did wonders for my form. You’ll look a little silly, but not as silly as you would with blood running down your shins and 25s on the bar :wink:

Chasing 400lbs! :slight_smile: