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I’m doing ABBH I and just got done with my 10 x 4 deadlifts. It feels like my left spinal erector is much more sore than my right, could this be because i’m pulling with my torso slightly twisted or do you think it has to do with imbalanced foot placement?

Also, I had my first big callous rip off, i’ve heard people talk about cutting them off with single blade razors and using pumice stones to smooth them, is there anything else that does a good job for getting rid of them? Stupid thing totally screwed up my last set of deadlifts.

Do you use a mixed grip, and if you do, do you switch hands?

Your hands might also not be placed the same distance from the middle of the bar, causing one side to be heavier than the other.

I’ve even had a problem with different brand/older weights not being the same weight as others in the gym. It was actually noticeable that one side was heavier, even for my other arm when turning the bar around.

Could be, I also think the floor is kind of slanted, so that might be putting me off balance a bit… My college gym sucks. heh.

[quote]DemiAjax wrote:
Could be, I also think the floor is kind of slanted, so that might be putting me off balance a bit… My college gym sucks. heh.[/quote]

Good point about the slanting. I was wondering why when i used a power rack that is in a different room from the rest of the free weights, squatting felt weird. I brought in a level and it is quite slanted!

Well, I’d be pretty careful about lifting slanted. If that is an issue find a place to do it level – the last thing you want is to get off balance on a near max effort even if you can just drop it.

If you have only recently started doing deadlifts, I could imagine that your muscles could have atrophied unevenly… leaving one side weaker and having to catch up. Heck, look for other imbalances in strength such as legs, lats, grip and so on which might make you compensate.

I think i’ll try to move to the other rack, see if things work out better. I think i’m typically pretty good about switching my grip and keeping my hands an equal distance away on the bar.

My lower-body confuses me in general, my legs seem to be of equal strength, yet my left quad is about an inch bigger than my right, my left hip is also much tighter than my right. I’m not sure if it’s from initially uneven squatting or sport-related, but it’s annoying. I did several weeks of single leg exercises to try and correct it, no dice. It’s not much of a problem now, but I just don’t want it to turn into something worse later.