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I have 150 lbs of weights at home (on a barbell)... and so I can deadlift 150x10 really easily...

so I bumped up the weight to 175x5... but the thing is I'm using a backpack with 25 lbs. in it to add the weight

so now I'm thinking that the 25 lbs. in the back might be like... counteracting the 150 in front so that the lower back isn't worked as hard... leading to future injury when I deadlift normally?

should I just... row more? or something?


sounds like a good excuse to buy more 45's. If you can't, deadlift while standing on a 1-4" platform (I stand on a pair of 45# bumper plates.) DLing from a deficit (and keeping good form) will help your starting power.


I guess you could deadlift on one foot? That would be sufficiently different to stimulate a lot of muscle - back and all I suspect.

Perhaps not as good as buying more weights, but perhaps better than a back-pack?



Where are you getting the extra 25lbs?

I've got a setup at home too. I previously had a set of standard plates before the olympic set. I use those to add weight to my deadlifts on the olympic bar. I tie these on using a chain. I got the idea from an old photo of Bob Peoples deadlifting at a competition where they had tied plates to the bar for his lift.

Try something similar. Buckets of water, milk containers, etc tied to the bar. The back pack idea isn't really the same lift.

Or you could just do more reps or buy more weight......


oh, it's a dumbbell adding the 25 lbs.


Time to buy more plates!!!


Bent Press!


time to snatch and clean

  1. Stiff legged Deadlifts from a block.

  2. Barbell Row.

  3. Wait for one of your parents, or siblings to go to sleep and then remove about $100 from their pants pocket. Take the money and do what you know you need to do: buy more plates!

(Just kidding about taking the money-But you could ask nicely while smiling)


Simplest/cheapest answer: Do one-arm deadlifts!

Like a normal deadlift, only you stand with the bar to one side of you, running parallel to your feet. It's a great exercise in its own right.