I am starting a new (for me) training split this week and I’m not sure where to put deadlifts in the plan. Here’s my plan:
Day 1-back and triceps
Day 2-quads and abs
Day 3-off
Day 4-chest and biceps, abs
Day 5-shoulders, hamstrings and calves
Day 6&7-off
I planned on doing stiff-leg deads as part of my hamstring workout, didn’t know how that should play into my decision. I’m including the big compound movements–squats,pull ups,presses, etc., and I would appreciate any advice or comments on where to put regular deadlifts in my workout. Also, any comments on the plan in general would be appreciated. Thanx in advance to all the T-Dawgs.

I do deadlifts on leg day. i dont really feel it in my legs but my lower back really takes a beating. There is no way i could do squats or lunges within the same week. Right now im doing Vertical pushing and pulling on tuesday, legs uncluding deadlifts on thursday, and horizontal pushing and pulling on saturday.

I would put it in your Day 5. Deads work your hams and glutes. Your traps get hell of a workout too, so it would go well with your shoulder work.

I say throw 'em in on Day 5. According to Coach King, they’d be classified as a hip-dominant exercise (hammies)…like Goldberg (you big mofo), my lower back really gets hammered, but this shouldn’t be a problem seeing that you have 3-4 days between back and hammies. I also really focus on glute recruitment and like Hyok said, I really get a nice trap workout with 'em.

Appreciate the feedback fellas. So, should I drop the stiff-leg deadlifts from my hammy workout or do both standard and straight legs? BTW, I have been looking to Coach Kings articles from past issues for guidance, too. So I really appreciate the advice you gave from that standpoint. I’m not exactly a rank beginner but I’m also certainly not advanced. Coach King’s ideas really seem to strike a chord in my mind, so I would be interested in finding out how well his programs have worked for you guys, if you have tried them.