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I have a question for all the experts out there. I am currently doing partial deadlifts (start about 8" from the floor). I used to deadlift around 500 off the floor, but have tweeked out my back 3 times doing this. Usually with lower weights after I was tired and used improper form. Everytime I do deads from the floor my back gets this weird sensation that it is about to pull. Therefore I have started Partials and have no problems. I have worked my way up to 545 on partials.

Question is should I go back to doing deads off the floor, or is the risk not worth the added benifits. What is really being worked in those first 8". BTW I have no desire in competing only producing results. I have been training consistanly for over 12 years.

While I have never done them, I believe doing Sumo DL’s will allow you to start from the floor without requiring a lot of lower back use.

Hams come into play more doing partial deads and less quads. You can use more weight to really stress your hams and traps by doing partials. I find sumos can kill your lower back if you’re not careful, just as much as regular deads. Maybe just tall lifters with monkey arms like me have this problem.

doing partial deads takes alot of the work away from the glutes and hammies. It sounds like the problem you are having is hamstring related.If I had to guess, you most likely have over developed your quads in relation to your hamstrings.

I would continue to do partial deads, but would focus on strengthening the hamstrings and work the quads a little less until the is harmony.Its very common, most people do a few sets of leg curls after they train quads, try doing hams first.

hope that helps, Guru X

Guru X, now that I read what you said it makes a lot of sence. I have pulled my hamstings repeatedly. I have always been genetically predisposed to having smaller quad therefore I work them first and with the greatest intensity. Leaving Hamstring a secondary target. I do work hams every leg workout, but have just recently incorporated stiff leg into the mix.

I could swear that there are a few excersizes/techniques that show if your hams are underdeveloped as opposed to your quads. Does anyone have any imput?

in printed issue# 5 Ian King tell how to see over all balance. if you don’t have it try a look in #133 online