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The deadlift is one of my favorite lifts and it can be beneficial in so many ways. It’s used for sport specific training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. It strengthens the entire posterior chain as well as the core and is great for explosive power. Check out my video on this lift on youtube.


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please hook me up with your guys hair stylist please.

pause at 3:58 lol so cute[/quote]


uh…OP, you’re doing it all wrong

A: ok, fine

B: this would be better used at your highschool/ college/ whatever as a resource for other students to use

Thanks for watching guys Im sure many people know the proper form on how to deadlift, but just wanted to make a video on the technique and uses so that way people can use it in their routines.

When 2020Wellness finds this thread…

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uh…OP, you’re doing it all wrong[/quote]

Holy shit, this video made me cringe…

OP can you even deadlift 5 plates + yet? you look like a scrub a dub dub

I get what this is, but it’s too long. I saw 8 minutes and was like “fuck…” Talk louder, fewer examples, be more succinct. And avoid the dick-to-face maneuver at 3:58. I get what you’re doing though, take Caveman’s advice.


I thought football tackles went like this:

Also you look very athletic.

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When 2020Wellness finds this thread…[/quote]
LOL, perfect.

But I don’t think they will fight.

Is this a school project or something? like, “your assignment is to film an 8-10 minute instructional video on something you enjoy, and share it with an audience who might learn something from it. It can be about anything. And just remember, the most important thing is… HAVE FUN!!!”

That’s pretty much what this looks like, OP can’t have spent more than 5 minutes on this site before posting.

paused at 3:58 hahahahaha

ok I’m going to show you how to deadlift. I’m gonna put my hands on the bar here, you see my feet? There under the bar here. #winning hahaha

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uh…OP, you’re doing it all wrong[/quote]
this is one of the best ive seen lolololo

Don’t overhype the extension? lololol