It seems that Dave Tate’s deadlift form is the total opposite of Ian King’s deadlift form. Ian king suggests keeping the shoulders back while Dave Tate suggest to round them,Ian King says that arching the back takes away from power, Dave Tate wants you to arch your back, Ian King wants you to lower your hips while Dave Tate wants you to keep them higher so they will be closer to the bar.
My question is, which way do you deadlift?

I think the key is just to deadlift (most people don’t) and don’t sweat the details. Or alternate styles.

The right way.

Keep in mind Dave Tate coaches people to lift the maximum amount of weight possible. Dave’s method is the most effective for hoisting big numbers. Ian King’s method is more suited for biomechanical correctness.

i have been deadlifting more like tate suggests.

Since I do olympic lifts & pulls to train the deadlift, I do it more like an olympic lift.

Dave Tate and Ian King have different goals. Dave Tate’s goal is to maximize the amount of weight that you can deadlift. To accomplish this, he specifies “tricks” to lessen the distance the bar has to travel and how best to utilize leverage. Ian King really cares nothing amount how much you lift, but rather how it will carry over into other sports. In summary, Ian King uses deadlifts as a means to an end while Dave Tate uses it as a end to itself.

What type of rep range do you tend to use for deads? I ussually stick to around 5 but am thinking of going down to 2 or 3 based on Tate’s point about how form tends to suffer as reps go higher.

I am going to Tates method a whirl. Right now i lift. like Ian says to. I think he best way is like everything else, a little of both.

Ian would probably prescribe deadlifts like dave and louie do if he was coaching a powerlifter but he isnt. His deadlift description was written for the limping series and other mass building programs so they are specific to that. If dave was going to tell someone how to deads for sport/hypertrophy etc im guessing his description would be different.
You are comparing descriptions of the same exercise but they are for different purposes.

Interesting observation. The truth is both camps are right. Go to any powerlifting meet and watch how the best deadlifters perform the movement and you’ll find Dave Tate’s advice right on the money. You’ll also find incorporating a couple of his technique recommendations will blast your deadlift through sticking points. Ian’s form is best for working the musculature while preventing injuries which is essential in the training of athletes.

Ian King’s method seems more sensible and much safer.

Antonio Krastev was an olympic lifter (had the old snatch record at 216kg) who did some powerlifting & did an upper 800s or 900 deadlift at a meet. The thing didn’t mention anything about form though, but he was an olympic lifter so maybe he did it more like a clean?

So if you were to compare Dave Tate’s Deadlift form to Ian King’s deadlift using bench press as an example then would Dave Tate’s Deadlift be the equivalent of arching your back and letting your butt come off the bench during bench press while Ian King’s form woule be equal to using doing bench press to work the muscles more?

…except that lifting your butt off the bench is illegal in powerlifting.

I tried Tates maethod last night. I was able to go much heavier and i felt great after workout. I think this would be a great way to change things up when your deadlift stalls.