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Deadlifts TRT Log


6 week bloods are back.


Albumin 49.1 35 - 52 g/L


Oestradiol L 39 41 - 159 pmol/L
Testosterone 27.80 8.64 - 29 nmol/L
SHBG 64 nmol/L
Free Androgen Index 43.2 24 - 104 Ratio
Free-Testosterone(Calculated) 0.382 0.2 - 0.62 nmol/L
Prolactin 232 86 - 324 mU/L

So interestingly my SHBG has gone up on 250 E8D. Still, at least I am within range at trough


The only things I can think of having taken this month are:


Does anyone know if any of hear can increase shbg? @physioLojik and others


Those Total T levels aren’t high enough, you need to push Total T higher to get SHBG to come down. Your SHBG is not in range, 54 nmol/L is at the top of the range. UK ranges are whacked.

Tramadol raises SHBG, opioid medication raises SHBG. It also elevates prolactin and estrogen.


Got it, thanks @systemlord. The tramadol was just one day but maybe it can still have an effect.

So I’ve got to go even higher to push the shbg down? I mean I’ve been on 250mg every 8 days as it is!
I’m not sure what my doc will think of that, I mean my T levels are nearly topping out the range at my trough draw, but I will discuss it when I speak to him Monday.


If you doctor resists pushing higher Total T, his hands are tied by the broken state healthcare utter lack of knowledge.

Most healthcare systems struggle in understanding hormone related problems, private practice is another story. I’m sure in the future things will change.

Most healthcare systems are trained to throw prescription drugs at the symptoms rather than treat the cause of the hormonal imbalance, which is low hormones.

Prescription drugs are very profitable, hormones aren’t so if doctors are going to pay the bills they are going to ignore hormone treatments.


I am with a private trt company so maybe I have that in my favour.

Out of interest what is the benefit of bringing my SHBG down? I mean, I am looking pretty decent on my levels, maybe free t could be a little higher but I suspect it is earlier in the week.


Excess androgens lower SHBG, excess Total T.


Hi deadl1ft,
So this was your total T trough on day 8 just before your next injection?


Hello @hrdlvn, yes pal that is my trough reading, bloods taken just before inj on day 8


Dang that is pretty high. I’ll bet on day 2 you are really up there. Do you know the half life of the T you are taking? I don’t know anything about sust. My only experience is with T Cyp. its Half life is 8 days you are Steady state in 40 days


Sure is! But interestingly my free t is below middle of range… my shbg is choking it!

Sust is 4 esters:

30mg prop - 2 day
60mg phenomena prop - 2.5 day
60mg isocap - 4.5 days
100mg decanoate - 7 days


Total T ranges don’t mean much when you have high SHBG. My SHBG is currently 125 (16-55), Total T 36.7 (7.6 - 31.4) & free T 0.311 (0.30 - 1.0). This is pre TRT.

I need to get total T at about 65nmol/L (1873 ng/DL) to get my free T just to mid range with that level of SHBG.


I hear you I also target my Free T for the top of the range.
I wonder how one determines when you are at steady state with a T that uses 4 esters?
My math skills are not that good.
For T cyp a single ester 5 x half life = Steady state


I have fair peaks and troughs no doubt, but I am as steady as can be at 6/7 weeks which is where I am.

I use a really good test calculator that lets you input everything and shows levels day by day.

I may switch over to eod injs, although this would not be typical for a high shbg I know I feel good on it from past experience.


Wow that’s some serious shbg dude


Tell me about it! I’m hoping large sustanon injections will bring it down a bit. Surprised to see yours went up on large weekly injections AND proviron


I agree big shots less frequent is the rule for high SHGB. I wonder if all those short half life esters could have something to do with your SHGB not coming down. If I did 250 a week my TT would be >1500 at trough. I scored an 1100 trough with just 150mg/wk T cyp. That also took my SHGB of 38 down to 24 in 3 months.
Can you get your hands on some T cyp for 5-6 weeks?


I could do, but I’m loathe to mess too much atm because ideally I’d like the doc to help me get it under control. They do, do a enan/cyp but it is fiendishly expensive and as I said I’m not to keen to get my own and go behind his back right now


Me too lol


I understand. Just an idea to keep in the tool kit if the current protocol fails to give your the results you are looking for. I look forward to reading your progress reports. Best of luck to you.