Im getting into a strength training phase and I’m curious as to whether or not it will be effective/productive to squat and deadlift in the same week… I was thinking of throwing the deads in on my back days and the squats on my legs days(of course). My only concern is that since I plan to keep the reps pretty low (around 4 or 5) and keep the weight pretty heavy (around 75-80 % of my 1RM) , would doing my squats on monday and my deads on friday leave enough time for complete recovery of the muscles involved in both lifts. Also, if anyone was curious this strength training phase is part of a year long periodization plan, and is following an 8 week GPP period (which includes rehab for a reconstructed ACL) and 6 weeks of meltdown training. Any advice would be most appreciated.

I would say that yeah, it is plenty of time. Especially since the deads targets the glutes/hams (and then back) and squats target quads/hips (and some hams/glutes). BTW: we usually perform squats/deads in the same workout and we still perform them heavy.

Maybe since it sounds like your ACL is fine now, you should consider doing the same thing. Especially since you are performing low reps.

When did you have the ACL done? In faith, Coach Davies

Your back may be a little sore on leg day.

Thanks for the replies, but after reading them I have a couple more questions. Would it better to do my deads and squats all on the same day , beacuse they target similar muscle groups? And then structure my back workout around say chins and rows? Also, I plan to use a mon/wed/fri split training( with something like push/pull/legs). Is there another split you would recomend in place this one? I’m 8 weeks out of my ACL reconstruction, which is why im throwing in the 6 weeks of meltdown before I get back into heavy lifting.