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Deadlifts/Squats on same day?


I am going to be starting OVT next. I see deadlifts and squats on the same day? Would this be overdoing it, especially since i cycle hardcore twice a week? (One short day of lactic/anarobic training, one long endurance day) Yeah, you guys might think Im crazy for doing so much so-called “cardio”… However, I love to cycle, and do it because it makes me feel great : especially the amazing burn you get riding up a 9 - 13% gradient. Holy lactic-acid, batman.

My main goal for weightlifting is to get stronger, and to make my body look good naked. Right now, you can tell I work out /with my shirt off/. However, I want to get to the point where I dont have to get naked for you to tell that I work out. This means putting about 4 inches on my chest/back, 3 on my arms, and one or two on my quads/calves. I also want to break 200lbs bench (5reps) by the new year. I’d also like to break 350 DL. Im only at about 180/5reps bench, 300 or so 1rm dead. I know it sounds wimpy, but I just started lifting 5 or so months ago. I’ve heard a cycle between OVO and standard low volume strength training is the way to go. (along with eating a shitload).

Any advice is appreciated!

Squat and stiff-legged deads on the same day is doable if you’re doing full-body workouts, but I wouldn’t recommend conventional DL.


Would I do deadlift and squats on the same day? No. Could it be done for a while successfully? Yes, depending upon your own physical makeup, you may just be able to pull it off for a while.

The more important question is what are your time expectations regarding the “4 inches on your chest/back. And 3 inches on your arms”?

I would like to know your time frame for accomplishing the above.

Also, if you are serious about your stated goals it might be time to Cycle your cycling. (no pun intended). You worry about deads and squats on the same day. A more important question is, how will I achieve my goals while I spend so much time on the seat of a bike?

As someone who likes to cycle I know that when I am active in this sport my leg strength and size is diminished. Not as much as when I run, but never the less it does not help.

If you get the cycling out of your system by limiting it to no more than two four to six week cycles per year you might still be able to gain some considerable size on your legs.

Better yet just cycle once per week, 10 miles or so. This may not be enough to hold your strength and size gains back.

No man can serve two masters at the same time and excel with both!

Well, to be honest… my legs are of pretty decent size already… They have grown considerably over the last 5 months with cycling as my only leg exercise. Ive replaced 10 lbs of fat with 10lbs of muscle. I would, however like to incorporate deadlifts or squats in my regime just because they really help with hypertrophy of the entire body.

Maybe over the next two months I will try going back and forth between OVT and less volume training, along with only 3 or 4 hours of cycling per week.

As I stated from my goals, I dont want to become the incredible hulk, I would just like to put on about 10 more lbs of muscle in the next 2 or three months without gaining much chub. Im at 12% bodyfat now - 6’1 187lbs. I wouldnt mind hitting about 195 @ 10% bf. That would get me fairly close to my goals. Its better to have lofty goals than ones that are easy to achieve.

I squat better after deadlifting a little. I think it is because my hamstrings are horribly tight and the deadlifting warms them up.


You “want to gain 10lbs of muscle in the next two or three months”. Oh is that all!

If you can do this while you are cycling I want you to come back and tell us all about it! Because you will have done something that does not usually occur.

Personally, I have never, nor do I know anyone who has ever, gained 10lbs of solid muscle with no fat in two or three months.

I would be very interested to hear other T-men comment on this goal of yours.

I am not starting anything here so dont take me wrong, but I beleive thins kind of thinking is what holds some bodybuilders back from getting really big. I mean I am 260+ pounds and I squat and deadlift on the same day almost 2 times a week every week of the year. Sure I know I am a powerlifter, but people ask me if I am a bodybuilder all the time lol and the dudes who train with me are huge thay all look like off season bodybuilders, the only diffirence is bodybuilders seem to fear rasing work capacity and powerlifters thrive on it…I am sorry to say this but if you cant sqaut and deadlift on the same day and not be sore or have your cns fucked up the next day your work capacity sucks and you are out of shape, Bring up your capacity and see if you dont get bigger.

I didnt say gain no fat in 2 or 3 months… I said as little as possible… I also said its an experiment, but Im not going to have it in my mind that I will fail. I will try to come as close to success as possible. Hell, any gains I make in weight and lifting pounds is a success, however, i like to have some sort of goal.


I have known many successful powerlifters who never squated and deadlifted on the same day.

Does that make them right and you wrong? No.

As I stated in a prior post “depending on your own physical make up” it can be done. You are obviously successful with it and should continue.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for most beginners to train that way. At least not until they get some time under their lifting belt and really understand what their bodies are capable of.