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Deadlifts/Squats and Lordosis


After waiting too long to go to a physical therapist about my back and hips being out of wack, it seems i've got some spinal lordosis and anterior pelvic tilt.
http://sonnietrotter.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/lordosis.jpg <----im the guy on the right.

anyway i asked the guy if i can still hit the gym as i was sure he'd have something to say about it. in all he pretty much told me that im not too far gone with regards to these problems and that for now with some treatment ill be good, and i can still go to the gym. the one thing he did say was to not go crazy with heavy weight. i gave a big -____- to this cause of course i wanna go ape shit with deads and squats.

anyway it was just my first visit so i plan on speaking to him more about this, but i was curious to hear some opinions by any of you guys possbly working in the field or anyone who's dealt with this yourselves. ive been thinking, do i scrap deads for the time being and just hit my back with a few extra movements. basically i just wanna correct the issue and not fuck with any progress.


Why continue to build a house on a shitty foundation? Fix the underlying problems before you "go ape shit with deads and squats". That isn't to say you can't perform them though. As long as you are able to maintain proper technique and muscle activation patterns, go for it, but I would recommend not ramping the load up too high and to not try to work into fatigue. Stress maintaining proper form and technique for now and address whatever issues are causing your lordosis.