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Deadlifts, Soreness

Where do you feel most sore after DLing conventional stance? I normally feel it in my hams and lower back, but I hit a new PR this week and my upper and lower back are extremely tender. Hams too, but not as much as my back is. My upper back is more sore than I get from doing 10x3 bent-over rows!

I have good form so I’m not worried about the soreness, but I was wondering: where do you feel deadlifts the most? What’s your favorite way to deadlift?

I enjoy rack pulls and conventional deads, and sumo deadlifts, but I try not to do sumos too much 'cause I don’t feel they’re as good for hypertrophy (for me anyway).

Everyweek I usually switch between sumo and traditional. (but right now im on the pillars of strength program so i’m following that) After I DL I usually feel it in my whole back, but when I get to the top I like to squeeze the hell out of my lats, i occasionally feel it in my hams tho.

Well, I just pulled a PR of 405lb myself yesterday and today my hamstrings and traps are a little sore. I pretty much never get sore in my lower back although I do get some serious lower back pumps while pulling.

Yes, upper back soreness can happen, especially if you pull like King recommends (scapular muscles retracted). I did a 5x5 of deads and the next day wasn’t able to heavy bench since my supporting back structure was so fried.

If you feel deads in the areas you described, you are doing the lift properly, and taking a proactive stance to shoulder health by counteractig all the horizontal pushing.

i’ll feel it in my back also, glutes and hams a little, i do conventional and sumo, and love doing them off a platform.

I love deads! I feel them in my forearms, lats, traps, glutes and hammies. I can’t think of another exercise that gives you so much bang for your buck.

I feel them in my back mostly.

My lower back is sore today, but I think it’s more of an edurance issue. I did EDT deadlifts yesterday and it was ridiculous. I did floor presses afterward and it was like a friggin vacation (I even got to lie down!).

hams and forearms get really sore, borderline pain soreness. i expirience doms the day after in my back but it usually stops quick.