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deadlifts sore back/not sore hams

Hey I have been doing deadlifts and have noticed that my back get a good workout but the back of my legs don’t. I have ian kings killer legs video so I think I am doing them right. I just want to know where to expect to get sore. Thanks

I never feel regular Deads in my hams…all in my back. But for all I know I could be doing them wrong. I imagine it has a lot to do with how you are built, limb length etc

My legs are rarely sore after deadlifts. Sometimes I can feel it in my quads, hams, and glutes, but most of the soreness is going to be in my lower back, with some in my upper mid back.

so why are they the “other half” of training legs? I mean the lift takes a lot out of me but not my legs. I just thought thats what they were for

Most likely either a) poor form or b) synergistic dominance. With the latter, your hams and glutes are the weak aspects of your posterior chain. Learn to activate them, and your erector spinae won’t be doing so much of the work.

Better choices for pure posterior chain involvement would RDL’s or GM’s.

I only feel regular DL in my hams when Im lifting really heavy. If Im doing higher reps it`s all back and buttocks.