Deadlifts & Shin Stress Fracture

Well, I have a growing pain in my left shin that I’ve had for a few months which I just originally attributed to the pains of training. However it’s gotten a bit worse, I had thought originally that it was a shin splint, but I never run or do any cardio at all. The pain only happens during squats, leg presses etc. I read the possibility of Strength differential in my legs in the T-Nation article. The question I have is that I plan on taking about 5 weeks off from squatting (I secretly want to cry) now, I do full deadlifts from the floor and I’m wondering if I have to avoid these too? I don’t see why, but I wanna get this crap healed so I can hit the squat rack again. Also, would using the leg machines keep my progress where I am currently until my leg stops being lame? Or if you guys have freeweight exercises I could use for the time being that I could use without aggravating my shin.

Personally I would 1) check your squating position all the way through the movement. Also I would stretch those calves and dorsi flexors (shin area). I do hope I spelled that correctly. Ian King has something on T-Nation about calves and includes strengthening the dorsi flexors as well. You might want to include some foot stability work during rehab. I know there far better experts on here that will chime in and direct you better, but wanted to give a shout. I had a friend who ran a lot and did the above that worked for him.