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Deadlifts (Scared)


Wassup everybody this is my first post...I have been training for about a 10 mon with one of my freinds and he is scared to deadlift. Since i started my deadlift has increased alot (im guessin cuz im a beginner) and i know all of the benefits of the sqaut and deadlift and i just cant seem to get him to join me. He thinks he will pull something for some reason.

What would you guys say to him to get him to train these great excercises with me. lol its lonely deadlifting and sqauting alone .


Your friend is right, it is very easy for beginners to pull something in the deadlift, often because they either haven't been coached correctly on how to perform the exercise safely, or they lack certain flexibilities to maintain a neutral spine through out the movement.

Just find a few deadlifting articles here on TNation and send him the link. Practice with him and help coach him until he can keep correct form. Also, and this is VASTLY important, start light. Injuring yourself picking up an empty 45 lbs barbell would be hard to do. He should be starting with just the bar and should progress slowly, adding 10s on either side until he can do 135 safely with a full range of motion.

I know you said it's lonely squatting and deadlifting on your own, but if you want to gain serious size and strength, you are going to have to get used to lifting alone. As you get older, your life is going to become busier and busier and you will have more and more responsibilities. You won't always have a lifting partner EVERY single workout, so get used to it pal.

Now go get your deadlifts in, if nothing else, when he sees the strength increases in your other lifts, and he's still at the same place he was several months ago, he will be convinced.

Good luck!


tell him to try squats and deadlifts with just the bar to learn form and then once the form is correct, add weight. There is no sense in trying to lift maximum weight until he knows what he's doing.


If he really wants to get big he'd take what you're saying into more consideration and try looking it up online or something to find the proper way to do it .


Tell him that it's no different than helping you move furniture.


I am a bit nervous about someone with only 10 months training experience teaching a newb how to deadlift.




this is true, but I've also seen 1 yr in newbs that have better form/technique than 10 yr lifters lulz.


As someone with a life long history of back injuries i was really nervous of the deadlift when my trainer started me on it 8 months ago.

I thought that there was no way that it could possibly be a safe exercise.


After just 8 months of lifting my back is stronger than it has ever been, i have virtually no back pain--some soreness after a heavy session but that is all.

'Trick' ??

As everyone is saying start light, learn the form, if back injuries or back pain is a problem there are a whole load of pre-dedalift moves that will both mobilise and prepare the back for the load.

My ha'penny worth is to find a coach that really knows how to teach and be taught from scratch professionally.

And then practice lots !!

My everyday gym warm up routine includes 2 sets of 10 deadlift moves (as part of a complex) with very little weight on the bar--and that is 3-4 times a week and doesn't include the actual deadlift session itself.


tell him to grow a pair


What are the odds that OP is qualified to teach someone technique though?


I concur sir lol, tell him to HTFU


find a coach knowledgeable on the deadlift and you and your friend learn from him.

Deadlift it's one of the most, if not the most awesome exercise out there.

Have fun!


As was said, there's nothing at all wrong with an otherwise-healthy person (no pre-existing inuries or issues) performing squats or deadlifts with proper technique. The trick, as with any exercise, is learning and consistently using that technique.

What has your friend been doing for lower body word these last ten months?


Yea that would be a good idea i been trying to just learn everything offline but i would love a strong experienced teacher


Why don't both of you guys work in with a stronger dude dead lifting. I did that and helped a ton on technique.


make fun of his skinny little girl legs