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Deadlifts Rack Pull Imbalance


When I do deadlifts and rack pulls (right below the knee cap), I tend to get a wicked pump in my lower back, right above my glute, kind of where the iliac crest is. However, It's only on my right side. Today after rack pulls, I did back extensions, trying everything to get my left side to contract harder than my right and I just couldn't. I placed my hand on my left side, right above the iliac crest and glute, to try and increase the muscle contraction and even unhinged my right foot, so that i was using solely my left side, and I was still getting more of a pump in my right side.

Since the lower back is prone to all kinds of issues with bad form, I'm wondering if there's some way to get more even muscle development. I know for pull ups I almost always feel it way more in my right lat than my left lat, but over time, both get larger, so the muscle imbalance becomes way less noticeable.

Anyone have some advice - either to ignore the problem and hope it evens out later on or how to hit the left side w/o recruiting the right side?

My personal numbers are
bench - 205 x 5
squat - 255 x 5
deadlift 335 x 5


Bending your trunk to the side aka lateral flexion will make one spinal erector contract harder than the other. Try it.

Are the muscles equally big? Touch them and take a pic. If they are, you shouldn't worry too much IMO.

You don't happen to carry a backpack on just one side of your back, train fencing or some other thing that could make you asymmetrical?


I used to sometimes carry a backpack on my right side, and I played badminton, which involves a lot of lunging like in fencing.

The muscles are equally big, though i think the right upper glute, might just be a tiny bit larger.

I think I'll try doing lateral flexion on my left hand side, before my rack pulls to try and "balance" out my back.