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Deadlifts On Step Up Bench?


Mostly when i do deadlifts, it do it in a smith machine, but the bar is about 8-10 inches up. Would i benefit from doing it on a bench? Makes for more range of motion, would i hit more muscles?


Why would you do it in a smith machine anyhow? Start with that I'd say....


you're deadlifting...in a smith machine!? That sounds horrible for your joints


Hm, joints seem fine. Doing mostly smith machine cause i lift alone. Guess i could deadlift in normal bench, but good for squat and benchpress.


Why does it matter if you're doing them alone? Why in god's name would you use a smith machine? You don't need anyone spotting you on deadlifts so it should not matter whether or not you're doing them on your own. Just do deadlifts on the floor with a regular bar like everyone else.


I agree... perhaps you've named the exercise incorrectly?

Are you doing Romanian or traditional deadlifts? Why not just lift from the floor?


That's irrelevant. I lift alone and I deadlift heavy for low reps all the time. No smith machine needed.

I could see wanting to use a cage / rack as a "spotter" for benching and squatting by yourself, but don't see any reason to use a smith machine unless your doing bench throws or something like that.


Smith Machine deadlifts? Yikes! Talk about putting your body in some unnatural positions!


Another post referencing machine deadlifts. I did not know they existed. There can be a benefit to doing deadlifts from an elevated platform. But, first-ditch the machine.


No, no, no. The smith machine is not good for squats. It holds your body in a fixed unnatural plane, leading to injury. You don't need a spotter for deads. If it's too heavy, it doesn't come up. Steal a bar from the squat rack or benches when it's not busy and do them from the floor.


Yeah honestly. Smith machines are shit really..Well, i guess unless youre training for power by throwing the bar in the air--but then again thats even rare.

Squats in a power rack are a great spotter for you. Honestly the only way i can see someone getting injured is wayyy over what I do( >300 range).

Go grab a barbell and start doing some real deadlifts.


I am confused. Or maybe its you. You load up a barbell on the floor and pick it up. If it is too heavy, you can't pick it up. I have never heard of using a spotter with deadlifts.


Why is everyone just talking about the smith machine? I do use normal bench sometimes, for deads or lighter bench press and squats.
Please, do not flame about the smith, just answer the question instead.


No one is flaming you. You specifically asked about how to more effectively do deadlifts on a smith machine. The first key is eliminating the smith machine.

Seriously, though, I have done deadlifts on an elevated platform, for hamstrings, but you best make sure your form is perfect (and if you're deadlifting on a smith machine, which I can't even picture, I have my doubts).


Ok, there's no need to use the smith machine for deads. But would it hurt? Probably not. Since you have the weight in your hands, you're not really limited to the fixed ROM of the machine. It's not like you have the weight on your shoulders.
I used the smith for good mornings for a while. Same difference. If you put your feet in the correct position, you can sway your body a little back and forth.

I have a sneaky suspecion you're contemplating standing on a box or a bench to deadlift. I wouldn't advise that. It's in the lower part of the movement that people lose form. Don't take any risk by extending the lower part.


Thanks droopy(right?). That's the kind of answer i was lookin for.
Tried deadlifting with free barbell today, was a mirror next to it, saw that my back was somewhat bent when lifting heavy, it's better to have as straight back as you can, right?


Yes, your back should be straight or slightly arched when deadlifting. The deadlift, more so than the other Big 3, really requires good form or you are in trouble. If you have learned how to deadlift while in a smith machine, I would highly recommend getting your form down first before lifting heavy. It is very easy to f-up your back deadlifting.


It's important to bend at the hips, not at the waist. So check your lower back in the mirror. Don't use max weight when you glance at the mirror though.

If you look up, or at least horizontal, it helps to keep your back straight.