Deadlifts Necessary?

I do have an issue with this statement. Honestly, unless you follow someone 24/7 you cannot be sure if they are natural or not.

Just because someone claims to be natural doesn’t mean he is.

Just because someone competes in a tested federation doesn’t mean he is natural (after all the Olympics are tested and not everybody there is natural… they retested old samples and found 55 being positive… but these 55 tested clean in 2012 and were not tested positive in any even after 2012 even though they likely continued taking drugs).

I’m not saying this to accuse anybody of taking drugs. BUT that making a statement like “most natural lifters do XYZ” is dangerous and at best innacurate because you don’t know with 100% certainty who is natural or not.

Actually you should not bug anybody for not doing any exercise. It’s pointless as most people are not receptive (in most cases) and it just make you look like a pontificating arsehole :wink:

Seriously even if someone’s training is not perfect, why do you care? Unless that person asks you for advice OR doing something dangerous, it is not of your business and only serves the purpose of making you feel superior to that person which is the wrong attitude to have.

Hey… I competed in Olympic lifting for 6 years during which I squatted or front squatted 5-6x a week. Prior to that I played football and squatted 3x a week for 6 years.

But you know what, when I was done with Olympic lifting I was SICK of squatting… I was SICK of deadlifting. So I actually didn’t do either for 6 years! Would you have come to the gym critiquing the way I trained?

I know what you’re saying but if you saw Alexander Kang it’s pretty clear he’s natty. He’s barely muscular at all and is said to have almost no sexual urges.

I actually would never confront anyone about their workouts besides friends maybe. I myself have usually avoided deadlifts but because of strong encouragement from most forums and articles I’ve started doing them again and rediscovered the joy in them. I never thought about certain people who are built perfectly for them, doing several heavy sets with ease and thinking “man, these aren’t doing shit for me”. :laughing:

…and hell no I wouldn’t question you at the gym, “why the hell aren’t you squatting and deadlifting CT!?” Mainly because you’re alot bigger than me and my health is my #1 concern!

And how would that help with the argument that deadlifts build a lot of muscle? :wink:

BTW a lot of high level Olympic lifters are using drugs and do not look muscular at all

Well it doesn’t…Just the argument of him being natural I guess. Ha!

I’m guessing they aren’t muscular despite using drugs because they don’t train the beach muscles and the muscles that are developed for those lifts aren’t noticeable, like posterior chain. Most of them have pretty big quads I thought?

Well also the fact that they are naturally selected (well those that aren’t built for the sport are dropped) because they are built for the sport and start at a very early age. For that reasons they are so efficient at their lifts that it causes little stimulus for building muscle (hence my point on people being built to deadlift, not getting that much muscle building effect from it). The muscular lifters are normally doing a lot of assistance work (Chinese) or are naturally built to be muscular.

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CT - Please clarify so I understand. If my goal is to add muscle and strength secondarily, should I use the style of deadlift in which I am most inefficient?

My torso is long in relation to my legs, which I believe means I’d be more efficient at a sumo or semi-sumo deadlift.

Should I focus on a conventional deadlift, or does it not really matter since I’m not naturally gifted to be a good deadlifter regardless of stance?

I can’t deadlift because of lower back pain. What should I do instead?

You are like me. Go with sumo, you will benefit from the deadlift anyway because you are not built for it.

As long as I have your attention, I’ve been wondering about rest periods. Normally I rest one minute between sets when doing 10-12 reps, two minutes between sets when lifting in the 3-5 rep range, and 3 minutes when going for my personal bests (yes, I do time them), but then sometimes I read about lifters who rest from 5 to 10 minutes between sets and it kind of blows my mind since resting longer than three minutes just makes me bored. Given that my personal bests are 308 lbs bench, 335 squat, 345 dead lift, and 165 clean and press, I’m wondering if 3 minutes rests are appropriate. I’m in my forties and chubby, if it helps.

I’d say definitely 3-5 minutes for your heaviest sets of Deads, Squats and Power Cleans. Maybe just 2-3 for your lighter build up sets. Anything upper body usually doesn’t need more than 3 minutes.

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Too much leverage in deadlift, use more weight unless caused lower back pain , thzn do farmers walk, or deadlift variations, Mawr Wallace or.mark walker could stand up straight and put his hands on his knees, according to Knut (iceberg ) he could pull 7 plates easy at 200 pound couldnt bench 275.what about that hickland kid who trained with lillibridges , pulling 800 plus didn’t look that muscular. As far as powerlifters look at Eric Lillibridge squats, and deadlifts pull mainly singles , but when you pull 900 and it takes 10 sets to work up to 900 their is your volume. , if you only could do 6 or 8 exercises, i am up in air over trap bar deadlifts or farmers walk, then we go to back squat, front squating, etc. I’ve never seen Lamar Gant in person but his scoliosis gave him crazy leverage in deadlift, 677 at 132, i heard he had crazy back development , a WSM winner told me you could break a 2x4 over his erectors. Some people say squats increase testosterone but i as always felt better after heavy pulls or overheads.

The deadlift is likely a decent muscle-builder mostly for those who are not built for it.

That’s probably why my back has always looked pretty beefy haha. I have such stupid short arms and my hips like a wider stance. My brother and I are the same height but my wing span is an inch shorter than my height and his is 3-4 inches longer than his height. After I had been lifting for over half a year he challenged me to a deadlift competition (he had never done one rep of lifting in his life) and I only beat him by 20 pounds… Later on he started lifting with me and even though always at a bodyweight 30-40 pounds lower than me he could keep up or surpass me in deadlifting.

Hosed his ass in squatting and benching though.:sunglasses: