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Deadlifts, Multifidus & Sex Drive

Hello Christian; hope you can help me with the following:

  1. In the last reps of a deadlift (SL or regular one) either with light or heavy weights I rounded the back, but it just happens in the eccentric part of the movement. What does this suggest and how can I correct it to avoid rounding the back in those last reps?

  2. I don´t remember if already asked it here, but I have two Friends that also enjoy training with weights. One of them likes the 5x5 Method but sometimes he reafrains from doing it because at the end of the workout he feels a huge surge of sexual desire, while my other Friends either with 5x5 (big weights) or lighter weights has a moderate drop in sexual desire and sometimes he even can´t get an erection good enough to have realtionships. What´s happening here and how can he solve it? I know you are not an MD, but what do you think of it?

Aside helping my friend, I am also interested since when I was young it happened to me the same as my first friend, but now that I am gwetting into 40´s it´s beggining to happen something similar as my second friend. I even remeber one day that after a circuit training of six murtiarticular exercises (3 rounds) with just 25-30 seconds rest between rounds and exercises, at night it was as if I were dead down there!

Thanks in advance, and sorry if by mistake I am asking about it in an improper way. English is not my native tongue

That’s why im not doing any strenght workout anymore ! i felt like shit everytimes.

@bulldog9899 end this bullshit thanks


Not sure why I would be thought of when a guy is having issues getting his pecker
Up? :disappointed_relieved:


you’ve been the tnation avenger for the last few weeks. if anything deadlifts should IMPROVE sex drive and thrusting power

also, bulldog, i think i found your perfect match! get the wife’s okay first, of

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if anything deadlifts should improve is sex drive LOL depend on gear you take and how you really push yourself !

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ehh my tolerance for stupid is low at the moment and I have been pretty passive agressive as of late

owwwh nice birthing hips