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Deadlifts & Milk Routine

Hey gang, quick question.

I was considering trying to actually add some significant size in the near future and since I only train at home with less than the bare essential equipment, I was juggling around the idea of a Squats & Milk-inspired routine.

The only hiccup is that I don’t have a squat rack at home, and my front squats need serious work. So, I figured, what the hell…Deadlifts & Milk! Stupid idea? Worthwhile idea? Opinons/suggestions?

I’d still have to flesh out the details (like probably compromising and using straps for a while), but thought I’d run this by the crowd and see what’s what. Thanks.

Deadlifts are like squats and milk. They do a body good.

I’d stick to squats and milk.

Get the form down for front squats. Use a light weight, one that you can clean up easily, and practice your form.

You could always put 150 lbs of sand or so in a bag and do zercher squats with it. Depending on strength 150 lbs probably won’t be enough unless you’re doing high rep sets.

There’s a big difference between doing squats and deadlifts, a huge intensity difference.

That is the best alternative in light of the fact that you don’t have a squat rack.


You could also hang clean to front squat and then drink milk.

Or you could wear this hat and squat, dead lift or hang clean WHILE drinking milk. AWESOME!!!