Deadlifts -mandatory to touch shins?

When I deadlift off the floor, if I keep the bar close enough to touch my shins, then I find that my back is rounded too much.
I’m 5’6’’

So is the problem a lack of flexibility? Does the bar really have to touch the shins when we start the pull? Is that for long term health or for pulling more weight?

both really. it will help your longevity and help you pull more weight.
i’d reccomend watching rippetoe’s deadlift anatomy, or look for his not-so brief analysis of the deadlift.
basically states that you position yourself so that your shins touch the bar and your scapulae are directly centered over the bar, with the back straight. video a set and analyze from there.
this could be useless if your lower back is just weak though.

Honestly, I dont know where this all came from about dragging the bar against your shins when pulling. When you deadlift you pull up and back and that is the only way to get your ass and hamstrings into the lift. If the bar is already against your shins when you start, there is nothing to pull back against.

Being flexable as shit will help this problem but so will taking advantage of your leverages and starting the pull with the bar a little further away. Try lining the bar up with the last lace on your shoes, the straight one thats right over the joint of your big toe. When you come down to the bar make shure to pull the slack out so your hips set, get back on your heels, and blow it up. The bar will make contact with your shins but not at the start.

Hope this helped.

Bar doesnt touch my shins when I pull. I seem to do just fine that way.


Conventional, the bar should be about mid foot. It seems to hit my shins a little below my knees.

I don’t touch my shins when I deadlift. It seems to me that you would be creating a lot of “drag” if you did.

I have a long torso for my height, and I have the same ‘problem’ when deadlifting. Not everyone’s form is gonna be exactly the same.

Post a pic of your setup.

Get the bar as close to your shins as possible while maintaining good position to start the pull. Ideally on the way up the bar should stay as close to your shins/legs as possible without creating any extra drag. I scrape one little spot on my shins, but the rest of the way up the bar sort of floats right up the legs without scraping. The point is to not let the bar drift way out in front of you and make the lift harder.