Deadlifts instead of squats?

Ok, The only equipment I have is:
-Weight (Of course)

I don’t have a rack, don’t have room for a rack, I don’t have time to go to a gym, and right now I dont have money to buy a rack or buy a gym membership.

My goals:
Sprinter like physique-Huge Arms, shoulders, chest, legs, etc.

What would be a good routine? Keep in mind that’s the only equipment I have.

I don’t have time to sprint, plus I think this can be down just with weights and a good diet.


If you really wanted to squat you could clean the bar to your shoulders & do front squats. Here’s a link for you scroll down a bit there’s good stuff if you don’t have much equipment.

Pavel T’s “Power to the People” program, the equipment you have is the only equipment you need. I would recommend getting the book and video. You can pick them up at I would up the reps used, since he is mainly a strength coach, but other than that, it would be a great program for you. He basically made it so people can get the body they want with just an olympic weight set in their basement. Keep in mind that it’s not going to work forever…you’ll hit a plateau with any program, and you are going to have to at least switch your sets, reps, and exercise, and tempo. peace, JoelM

oh yeah, dont be fooled by this guy’s appearance. His goals are not your goals, but he can help you reach your goals. He deadlifts like 500 at his low body weight. He’s a Russian strength coach, but has also worked with many bodybuilders, the marines, and a whole slew of people…he has alot of knowledge to offer.

I would say front squats as Drax suggested along with the deads. Overhead squats might be an option as well.

Bulgarian split squats, barbell hack squats. snatch deadlifts on a block.

1.) Conventional Deadlfts: using smaller plates, e.g. the 35’s or 25’s. (Done in order to obtain a greater range of motion.) 4 sets of 6 reps with workout weight. (3-1-X cadence)

2.) Barbell hacks - again using smaller plates, e.g. the
35’s or 25’s. (Done in order to obtain a greater range of motion.) 3 sets of 8 reps with workout weight.
(3-1-2 cadence)

3.) Optional: either Barbell lunges - (I prefer back
lunges) or semi Stiff-Legged Deadlifts (2 sets 8 reps)

Dead lift Tip: In order to make sure I'm using mostly legs, I employ a hitch or trigger to start the lift. While in the bottom position, I drop my butt 2 inches (which serves as a trigger). Then I immediately JAM my heels into the floor; my legs and back straighten, and away I go. P.S. This workout will totally blast your upper legs, not to mention your glutes, traps, rear delts, mid back lats, forearms, obliques... (Any questions, feel free to ask.)

Don’t forget about the old school hack squat, which can really get your quads and is a nice add-on to the deadlift workout. You can also do overhead squats along with front squats. How can you not have time to sprint??? If you live anywhere near a road you can sprint. If you have time to lift then you have time to sprint. In fact its faster since you don’t have to change plates!!! You can run in the snow, you can run up stairs, you can run up hills…

duck deadlifts, that and the hack squat are the only 2 movements i know for the quads from the floor up…the hack squat is very uncomfortable for some lifters tho…thats probably why they invented the machine…go for the duckies

olympic lifts and their variations.

what are duck dead lifts?

JUST go buy a hip squat belt from, it kicks ass. I didn’t have a squat rack either as I work out in my basment…So I got one of those a few months ago and I think it is a great alternative to squatting(granted it isn’t exactly the same, but it has been a great addition to my exercise selection)…

At one time during my training I did no squats and replaced them with deadlifts but the trick I used was to go deep so that I was in a sense squating it. Also I started standing on 45lb. plates laid flat of course to get a deeper range of motion. Me and my training partners at the time eventually switched to a platform that was almost 5 inches from the floor. It was really hardcore but what was great was after training like that for about 3 months and eventually getting up to a 675lb triple when I did my first workout without the platform I deadlifted 815lb for 6 like it was nothing. Also my legs got bigger from deadlifting than from squating.

aint gonna look like a sprinter less u sprint. if u got time to lift weights u got time to sprint.

So you want to know about the duckies, huh? It’s a great movement that i think many people will enjoy supplementing it into their workout routine from time to time. It is performed like a regular deadlift except for foot positioning. Place your feet in a “V” position with your heals together and your toes pointed slightly outward. Perform a deadlift and maintain this foot positioning. Don’t try to keep your knees together, let them bow outward naturally. It will kind of look like your trying to do one of those balarina moves, but you’ll be surprised as to how much this movement recruits the quads. Enjoy 'em.

Could any of you help me come up with a split? Legs aren’t my main focus, mainly upper body is what i’m going for…of course I dont want little chicken legs though.

Al: WTF- is the matter with YOU! You post a thread
entitled “Deadlifts instead of squats?” You receive more than a few nice replies on how to do such. It is quite obvious, by the tone of your reply, that you didn’t read any of them! You give no “thanks” to anyone who took the time to serv you… Then you ask us to design a split for you, which you probably won’t follow any way. Perhaps we might write a diet for you, too… please?

This site has hundreds of some of the best workouts
you will find “anywhere,” which I venture to guess you
didn’t bother to read either!!! Al, it seems you have
much to learn …!!! :frowning:

I’ve read the replies, I just didn’t have much time to reply.

Thanks for the link Drax.

I’m going to do Front Squats - I’ve never done them before, I squat 280, how much do you think i’ll FS?

I’ve looked through the t-mag splits, but most have squats in them except the Limping into… articles that use no weight, do you think things like ski squats would be good?

Do you recommend a T-mag workout, cuz I dont know much about BB’n. If it has squats in it, do you think I should just replace the squats with front squats, or should I replace them with DL’s?

Joelm, thanks for the link but I don’t think i’m gonna buy the book…Maybe later, I don’t have $30 to spend right now though.

Eddie, most sprints are massive with low body fat. I don’t think I would NEED to sprint, I think getting bigger, a good diet, and then cutting will do it. They have the power behind it, I just want the physique.

thanks joelm, i love doing movement that no one else the gym does because they are normally the hardest but most effective. I will givethese a try on friday and tell you how it turns out