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Deadlifts in Krypteia Leader Phase - Grip, Volume, and Weight?

Hello Jim,

In the Boring but big part of your new book, you recommend doing all deadlift BBB sets with a double overhand grip, and an adjusted Training Max.

Is the advice also applicable to the leader phase of the Krypteia program? Or does it depend on one’s goal? (e.g. use a double overhand grip if you want to work on your grip.)

Also thanks for your advice on jumping : I didn’t take it seriously before, and I’ve been missing out on some progress and fun.

Thanks in advance.

You CAN do that - but you don’t have to.

The double overhand grip is advisable, in general, for those that need a built-in regulator for the volume work, have some kind of injury problem that prevents them from doing an alternate grip or whatever odd reason I haven’t thought of.

If it fits it for you, be my guest. The progress made on that program, both in strength/size/conditioning has absolutely floored me. Keep in mind that I’m VERY adamant about TM, form as well as addressing that other areas of training are addressed. It’s certainly not for everyone but it’s the only program, as of now, that i have any interest in coaching personally.

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Jim, outside of Krypteia what are your thoughts on doing less volume for DL than the other lifts? I have experienced this and many others have said they can progress on DL with less volume than other lifts. For example on BBB would it make sense to just do 3 sets on DL instead of 5 or is it preferable to keep the same sets/reps for every lift and just do lower TM on DL. Note this isn’t an issue not being able to do it, just maximizing training efficiency.

Generally, you’d drop the BBB sets and do “5x5 FSL” for the deadlift. This allows for the same number of sets of assistance work with 1/2 the “volume work” of BBB.

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Thanks Jim, that’s noted.
I don’t suffer from an odd reason so I’ll try with an alternate grip and see how it goes.