Deadlifts in AM, Other Workouts in PM

hey everyone

i am new to bodybuilding so im hoping that i can get a few tips
i am wondering if it would be ok to do deadlifts in the morning and then going back to the gym later on in the afternoon or evening the same day to do other workouts

The most common way to do it is your compound exercises (deads, squats, bench, etc) in the AM the isolation exercises in the PM. If that works best for your schedule then by all means there is nothing wrong in doing that.

Do you mean deadlifts EVERY DAY? If yes… They’ll have to be done with a managable weight. Going balls to the wall on deadlifts more than 1x/2x week will kill anyone but a novice.

Why not find a program with proven results? There are plenty on this very site.

thanks for the replies everyone
really helped