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Deadlifts in 20-Minute Muscle Builder

Dear coach,

In some of your previous articles and instruction videos you advise against high rep deadlifting (as far as I remember it’s the video for t-nation), and yet in this simple routine you included 20 reps on the deadlift and it killed me really quickly since my 1RM is 190kg, the workout killed my lower back within three weeks. Obviously my form sucked on the high rep set. Now, I decreased the weight as if my 1RM was 100kgs, and the 20rep set is bearable, though I’m gassed out.

My question is, can we somehow change the rep scheme on the deadlift? I was thinking about 10 sets of 3 reps and, perhaps something in addition? What would be your opinion?

Moreover, since I’m keen on oly lifts, I thought about the snatch-grip version. Can this be an acceptable change?
I would kindly appreciate your advice on that one, because I feel at a loss.

Do a cluster 3-3-3-3-3-3 with 20 sec between “sets” of 3

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Thanks coach, I really appreciate it!
Hope to see you on some seminar in Poland.