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Deadlifts & Gaining Strength


Hi guys, just some questions; i just recently turned 16, i am not new to lifting i've been lifting on a variety of programs since i was about 12. I have become more interested in powerlifting recently though and trying to get a lot stronger. But at the moment my best deadlift is 295 pounds at a bodyweight of 150, ( I just missed lifting 300, and wanted double bodyweight so bad!) is that acceptable after only 2 months of powerlifting traning?

I have been following some articles from the site, I'm a great fan of the Waterbury Method as i have found it has given me good gains. Does anyone have any advice? i would really appreciate some, also do people feel that beginnign to follow a westside program would be of benifit??

Many thanks for your time guys



295 at 16 and 150 is OK, but most guys I knew were up around 275-315 within 2 months of deadlifting. Its the next 200 pounds that will show your "progress" but at least you are not a natural weakling incapable of building strong muscles.


As long as you are progressing, don't worry about it. There is no "normal gain" you will get when you start powerlifting, everyone is different.

When the prs stop, then re-evalutate what you are doing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Yea, 295 is good...for a prepubescent girl. Now get back to the gym and lift! In all seriousness it doesn't matter what everybody else can lift. Just keep at it and keep the PRs comming.


Westside works great for beginners. Go to elitefts and read the articles, especially louie simmons'. Read the 8 keys series by Dave Tate.


I have read the Eight Keys series before and much enjoyed it. Thanks to vandalay 15 for the elite fitness systems link, some of the articles there are really great.

Sadly 295 may be a weight for a 'pre pubescent girl' but thats what i got told i lifted like when i started lifting aged 13 weighing 90 pounds so i'll just keep on trying to get big and increase my lifts. Thanks for all your comments guys much appreciated.


jay-p, so you've read the 8 Keys Article? But you are still asking if westside is ok for beginners? If you read Louie's articles over at elite fts and westside-barbell you'll see how westside makes so much sense. People always ask questions about it, but its pretty simple if you take the time to read and understand it.

Also use the q&a feature over at elitefts. Go to search questions, then type in a key word and your question has most likely been answered before. Don't let your mind hold you back. You deadlift 295 now, and this may seem great from where you begin a few years ago. You need to realize that many people have deadlifted 600,700, 800+ lbs. Why not you someday? Go get strong