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Deadlifts for Hunched Forward Shoulders


my shoulders have been pulled forward due to overdoing the bench press, and it seems i cannot do barbell rows as my shoulders are pulled too far forward they seem to take over the movement. If i do deadlifts will this help bring my shoulders back and strenghthen them up?

all answers will be greatly appreciated


Could you explain what you mean by this? Do your rear delts take over the movement? Do you think that's a bad thing in your case?

First thing I think you should do is do the DC broomstick stretch for shoulders. Your shoulders are pulled forward because something is pulling them forward, not because there's nothing pulling them back.

Lifting-wise you can try face pulls, band pull-aparts, db rows, cable rows, T-bar rows, inverted rows to name but a few. Deadlifts are great, but there are better ways to fix this.


focus mostly on back work, hit it 2x a week, ease on pressing, benching, you will need to catch up and it will take time.

look for smitty diesel shoulder rehab protocol and focus on face pulls, they did wonder for my posture, traps and shoulders.


You mean something like kyphosis? Yes, this really sucks dick, dude.

Like Kaisermetal said, work on things that address structure and posture. Face pulls are money, even stuff like rear delt flies and anything to get your upper back stronger is better.


Train in such a manner that the volume on all your upper body pulling is higher than on all your upper body pressing. This means that there should be more total reps on pull-ups, rows, facepulls, rear delts etc than on bench, dip, fly, shoulder press etc.

Besides that follow the other advice given here.

Not meaning to split hairs, but actually it's both. Slouching shoulders will make the upper back muscles more loose, which is why a lot of upper back training is one of the means used to correct this. But yeah, stretching the pecs, lats and front delts is important.


i've recently learned that people (who know stuff) seem to think that the shoulders will be slumped forwards a bit on deadlifts. for olympic lifting (where the weights are relatively lighter) the idea is to draw your shoulders back and down through the first pull, however. one could lighten the load on deadlifts and try and maintain that posture. if the load is too heavy (e.g., a good load to deadlift normally) then one probably will find the shoulders slumping forwards, though.

facepulls x2. scapular push-ups etc. you might feel a real stretch / need to learn to activate your scapulae in the first instance and it might well be pretty weak if you aren't used to doing this. better to use light weights and get good activation and then strengthen the activation you have.

can you do inverted rows focusing on pulling your shoulders down / back and slamming your chest into the bar?

wide pull-up grip for any rowing movement should help you use your back rather than your biceps / shoulders. lighten the load and focus on real strict form with a paused contraction at the top. i like to use some kind of bar for rowing movements because slamming my chest into the bar is an indicator that i'm using full ROM on the exercise.

at least that is what i'm trying. i got sleepy lats, i think. needing to change up my rowing from a narrower chin-up grip to a wider pull-up grip to try and get the back involved more and the arms involved less. fairly surprised at how weak my back is if i really focus on the muscular contraction.


Do 50-100 band pull aparts a day focusing squeezing your shoulder blades together at the end of the movement, could even hold an isometric contraction for a second or two. Great for shoulder health and could help with your issue.

I've been doing this for a while (dont suffer with your problem) and i've never felt like my shoulders have been healthier. I also FEEL my rombhoids and lower traps more in rowing movements now. Not saying its a definite fix but worth a go i reckon.


This is the 3rd similar post you have made on this topic OP.

In essence, when applied consistently over time, correct this kyphosis/upper cross/whatever will boild down to A) 'get good and retracting and depressing your shoulder blades' (with weights, as in rear DB work, deadlifts with shoulders down and back, light, strict rows using back muscles, etc and without weights (daily good posture) and B) 'lengthen/stretch/foam roll pecs, lats, shoulders, upper traps'. That is all, you just need to do it


you noticed 2?


Yep. One has since been moved to beginners, started by 'amjrules'. There's also a thread in BB section somehow got attributed to me, when I was 1st respondent, even though I was clearly responding to a similar question to what he wrote above. The same guy started that thread too. So, he's asked the same question (or variant of it) three times, and has now got approx 20 replies, I just hope he follows the advice before starting a 4th, 5th thread or more.