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Deadlifts & Elbow Pain

I’ve recently incorporated dead lifts into my workout program. Ever since I’ve had pain in the medial side of my left elbow. I’ve been going pretty heavy (4X5). Has anyone else experienced elbow pain in connection with Dead Lifts? I expected to hurt my lower back if anything, not my elbow! I’ve stopped doing dead lifts and doing the ice/advil thing. I’ve also been trying to do more wrist curls/extensions trying to strenghen my forearms and grip. Any advice?

the deadlift hits a lot of different joint areas. I’ve experienced elbow tendinitis from heavy deadlifting, (that’s the only kind i really do). It is easy to overwork the elbow area because it is used in all major excercises. definitely wrap it while you workout and use the ice afterwards. laters pk

I used to have some kind of strength imbalance in my right arm between the external area of my forearm (weaker than it’s supposed to) and the internal part. Deadlifts made my elbow crack, definetly agraviated it, i corrected the imbalance with stretching and exercise, and havent had any problem since. Deadlifts werent the major cause tho.

I’m no expert but are you keeping your arms slightly bent to keep the load more on the muscles and less on the joints? If not, then this might help.

you can’t keep a bend at the elbows when doing high intensity force production. your arms should be locked and tight as to prevent hyperextension. laters pk