Deadlifts Cues to Lock Out Strong

Hi guys I’ve been looking at pulling slack and getting off the ground recently which has gone well but on a recent set of big deadlifts I felt/noticed that my lockout was a bit too casual.

Feels like I ease the weight off the floor and it kinda gets to lockout as opposed to finishing strong or powerfully. Maybe knee lockout is relevant I dunno.

I think I’ll try a bit of cuing first so I’d appreciate some ideas or your favourite cues to get a snappier lockout.

Do you have a friend that can help you? If so, this will get your hips locked out very fast:

giphy (1)


The classic bodybuilding tactile feedback and ur my friend

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There is nothing casual here, it’s just easy for you to lock it out.

You can think squeeze glutes, push hips through, hips to bar, fuck the bar, dick to bar, glutes forward, but you’re doing fine.

Piggie lifts way stronger with chicks around

Should these cues be thought of right from the start or towards the lockout?

Usually right when you get past your knees is when I’d start trying to cue these

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Better than pre workout