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Deadlifts & Coach King

Looking for some advice from you T-man gurus out there. I’m planning on doing regular deadlifts on my hamstring workout day. Should I drop straight leg deadlifts from the workout or do both?
Also, I’m seriously considering adopting a lot of Ian King’s ideas into my workout. I would like to know what kind of results anyone has had following his routines. And would you recommend buying his book “Get Buffed”?

K-Dawg, I think Ian King rocks. Unless you are a young buck under 30 years of age, I think you will do MUCH better with his four day split rather than your five day split. I think a good start will be to start the 12-weeks to Super Strength and the Limping series. That will give you four solid workouts per week, two upper body and two lower body. I’m doing his Super strength program right now, and I’ve put on about five pounds of mass. I’ve yet to see how much stronger I am, but I’ll see that in Phase IV, which is the power phase. I’m in the first week of Phase III right now. Due to a knee injury, I’m just maintaining my legs, but as soon as I get my surgery over with, I’m going to give it a go. I would hold off on doing the Great Guns, until you’ve completed these two programs. Good luck.

Hyok, thanks for the input. I’ve pretty much decided to go with the 4 day split, just turned 30 BTW. Coach King’s stuff just seems the way to go, so I’ll probably give the 12 week strength plan a go. Glad to hear you’re getting good results. BTW, great idea for T-man’s archnemesis on the other thread.