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Deadlifts, cleans, etc...

A lot of you guys (and girls) are advocating powerlifting. I was just wondering how can I learn the proper form. I have read articles explaining the movements, but those aren’t really that helpful. Do I NEED to hire a trainer or should I just start off light. Also, Should I change my diet when starting off light, seeing my body want be working as hard as it does during my regular program.

here ya go,this is a good site that shows with a video how to perform these lifts correctly…as far as the diet question goes,what are your goals,as far as gaining size,dropping BF,maintaining etc…


You are going to be hard pressed to find a “professional” trainer that advocates and knows any more than you already do about the core exercises…especially DL.

My suggestion is as you mentioned.
First, find as much as you can about tips and form and then start slow with lighter weights. The shock of the new lifts will be enough starting out to spur some new growth and soreness.


If you’re referring to Oly lifting as well as powerlifting, it’s best to get a good strength coach to show you the ropes. A lifting cert from USA Weightlifting is best.

I was worried about my diet only when starting a powerlifting program because I wouldn’t be lifting as intensely as I am now. I am not saying my current workout is more intense, but because I will be using light weight until my form is down, I think it wouldn’t be as intense in the beggining. My goal is to put on some lean muscle mass.

Oh, thanks for the site!

Here is another site with great technique shots. These seem to be professional powerlifters.


Your goal is to put on lean muscle mass? Do you mean you want to look like a “Men’s Fitness Model” or a bodybuilder? If this is your goal, a powerlifting program or an oly lifting program can do this for you if you are diligent with diet and so forth but it might not be optimal. It is optimal for strength and power gains. A more classic bodybuilding program will be more optimal for “aesthetic” gains. Choose the program that is more optimal for your goals. CW’s ABBH and CT’s OVT programs, cycled back and forth for 3-4 weeks is a good option for “aesthetic” goals.

I just want to be jacked. Turning heads jacked. Like “holy shit! that guy is jacked”. And I’ll do anything it takes to get there. Naturally that is!