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Deadlifts and Weighted Pull-ups on Consecutive Days?

How much will weighted pull-ups be impacted if I do heavy deadlifts the previous day?

How long is a piece of string?

It depends on how beat up you are and what else you are doing in the gym. But generally speaking I’m sure you’ll be fine unless you have some type of joint issue or other injury.

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My training schedule, in order, is:
ME bench or overhead press, assistance
ME deadlifts or squats (mostly standard and trap bar deadlifts), assiatance
rest or on consecutive days
Repetition effort upper - I wanted to use weighted pull-ups on this day and I don’t want to take out a heavy pressing movement
hard conditioning - sprinting, jump training, kb swings, hill running, etc.

If I do two hard training sessions on consecutive days, I take a rest or light training day. ME bench and deadlifts are always separated by an off day. My goals are mass and strength (“indicator” exercises being bench or overhead press, deadlift, and pull-ups).

Still, its impossible to say exactly how much your weighted pull-up will suffer after a heavy deadlift session. The only way to really know is to run your program for a few weeks and see how you progress. You may find it doesn’t affect you at all, or that you need to rotate lifts more often or go heavy less often, etc.

I doubt it would conflict much if at all…if you did powercleans a day before pull-ups, yeah that might be different.

The potential drop in performance for pulls ups the day after will not be a problem in the long run, just go from what you can do and go from there. Deadlift after pull-ups would be a bigger problem in theory, but I am sure you could still do it anyway.