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Deadlifts and Squats


Once or twice a week?

I just finished doing an intense cluster training program - 4 days a week, 2 upper body sessions, 2 lower body sessions per week. So squats, deads, weighted chins all twice a week

Now, I'm looking to slow things down a bit with this routine:

Monay: Deadlifts, weighted chins, biceps

Wed: Chest and shoulders and calves

Friday: Squats and triceps and abs

** Doing reverse pyramid training - with just 2/3 working sets

What are thoughts on doing heavy lifts once VERSUS twice a week? (for lean muscle gain)


What's your goal with this? Me thinks you need more leg and back work?


You list some muscles and some exercises which would be a flaw in your routine. Nobody can give you a proper critique until they know what they're looking at. Does deadlifts mean sets of deadlifts with your reverse pyramid? Then squat and chinups I imagine are the same... but what does chest, triceps, biceps, calves and shoulders mean?




If all you're doing for lower body is deads and squats, good luck with your wheels....you'll end up with some serious deficiencies for sure.