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Deadlifts and Squats on Leg Day?


Hey whats up, I got another question, is deadlift + front squat on leg day a good idea?? I tried it the other day as a A1-A2 pairing (basically taking a rest between sets before moving on to the other exercise) and it beat the shit out of me. It took me quite awhile to finish those two exercises, and on top of that i had to cut down my lifting weight 10-20 lbs (the weight that I would use if i weren't doing them on the same day).

Is this normal, can I hope to get stronger in time, doing it this way or am I shortchanging myself? I don't really have a reason to add deads in there other then be more hardcore and cuz my back workouts already kind of booked.


On back day I usually deadlift first, and thus dont usually have enough energy to work the rest of my back well without being knackered so I'm also trying to organise my routine better. What are your goals? If you dont have a reason to do it other than be bad ass... well whats bad ass? What are you trying to achieve?

If you're not bothered about your deadlift numbers right now, you could always just put it at the end of your back workout as a finisher.


If you're going to do deads and squats in the same workout, I wouldn't pair them like you did, but just do normal sets, ramping up to a top weight and then moving onto the next one. I think it is totally possible to do them in the same workout, I have done it often.


If you are just starting out, it may not be a big deal. I did it when I was a beginner, and was still able to see results.

However, I would recommend splitting them into two different workouts. Those exercises are not suited for that kind of thing as compared to say leg curls and leg extensions. The main reason is that your glutes and core are being used for both deadlifts and squats.

Personally, after finishing either squats or deadlifts, my lower back is starting to tighten up from fatigue, and it would be a waste of time.


Doesnt sound like my idea of fun lol
You can do them in the same workout with success, some really strong dudes find it too much.
I was doing squats before deads during the rugby season. My deadlft weight had to be a bit lower but I thought it was working ok.
Pairing them the way you did doesnt sound like the best thing for strength.


Doing it like that occasionally just to destroy your lower body is ok, but on a regular basis...nope, don't do it. UNLESS you're talking sumo deadlifts and narrow stance front squats, because the main muscle they both rely heavily on is glutes, and glutes tend to respond well to a lot of volume and work load (in my own experience). But if you're talking about conventional deadlifts, once you work up to any decent amount of weight on either exercise, it'll take too much out of you in too many of the same muscles to be optimally productive man.


I heard that pairing DL's and front squats like that is what Tom Cruise did to prepare for the movie Top Gun. I'm just sayin...


That's good to hear, but I think I'll forget about doin it that way for the time being.


Same here, I used to do deadlifts on back day but I found that after working it hard, I felt too beat up to do the rest of my back workout with alot of intensity, especially when it came to db/bb rows. Now i just do it on push day normally.

If I were to make my leg day a hamstring-dominant day, does anyone know whether it would still be a good idea to deadlifts on leg day?? should I then do my front squats at the end. My main goal is just to get bigger numbers while attempting to get leaner.


I'm just givin you a hard time man... on a serious note. I wouldnt superset them like that. I'd split them up if I was you but to each his own


haha alright thanks, i'll probably just move it back to push day though then.


Superset, no

Same day... Your vagina might be sore, but you can do it, no worries.

Trust me, if I can do it, you can too...


Every time I squat I deadlift, every time I deadlift I squat.

Always do them on the same day, if it's deadlift day I do "lighter" squats afterward, if it's squat day I do "lighter" deadliftes afterward.


I seem to remember Andy Bolton doing deads and squats on the same day:) doesent seem to have any negative impact on his training.


Thib's latest programme High Performance Mass calls not only for deads and squats variations on the same day... But also doing 2 of those days back to back. I had my second day today and it was fine but obviously I am not using weight anywhere near my max. It can be done, just be careful not to burn yourself out.


This is what I do as well.


I love how we are the same person except you squat more and I bench a little more <3


Wanted to add that I also bench press every time I squat and deadlift too.


Awww we are : )


I agree, I've always grouped deadlifts with leg day and have seen good results.