Deadlifts and Squats: Frequency?

Hello All,

Just a qick question.

I do dealifts and squats for my main legwork. Is there anything wrong with doing both of these on the same day twice a week, or will this lead to overtraining?


May not lead to overtraining only you could tell us that. I have often done a form of either on the same day.

I try however to seperate them and give them their own dedicated day. I simply cabnt give each the full attention they deserve. For instance if I kick my own ass doing squats, then try and do DL’s. I wont be able to do nearly as much load, or in as good of form.

So better off IMO. to give each a dedicated day.

Hope that helps,

I workout on a six day schedule, so every three days is leg day. I alternate between deads and squats.

There are many factors to consider such as 1) How heavy do you train? 2) Do you get adequate rest and nutrition? 3) How has your body responded?, etc.

Many people use both movements (some on the same day, others on different days) in the same week.

I think that advanced trainees are less likely to do something like you’re doing unless they have recovery perfectly planned and training down to a “T”. I’m sure you can continue doing it as you are as long as you manipulate intensity (have one day heavy, one day light) and volume.

I’ve noticed that if I squat heavy on Monday and deadlift heavy on Friday, after a few weeks, I’ll need to back off a bit because it drains me.

It’s really going to be an individual thing. Some people can do it, others can’t!