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Deadlifts and Scoliosis


I have scoliosis but I have been deadlifting for a while now and I know ot strengthens the back muscles, does it also strengthen the spine and discs?


I’ve been trying to get my friend to deadlift. He has scoliosis too. Has deadlifts been beneficial for you?


[quote]clip11 wrote:
I have scoliosis but I have been deadlifting for a while now and I know ot strengthens the back muscles, does it also strengthen the spine and discs?[/quote]

I have a pretty bad case of scoliosis AND I deadlift, and what I have to say will probably both encourage you and discourage you too.

It took years of patient painstaking effort for me to even get to the point at which I could deadlift. Any doctor in the world would say that I shouldn’t be doing it, but I am doing it anyway and it’s going great so far.
All that time I was grinding away at strength deficits. I can’t force my spine to do right, but the muscles are an entirely different story. That’s the encouraging part.

The discouraging part is this: That ANYTHING you do that causes spinal compression might exacerbate the problem. Deadlifts, squats, goodmornings… doing all the good stuff with good form depends on your being able to maintain a neutral spine.
So basically you are taking a real chance on throwing your back out or making your condition worse.

So to answer your question… is it good for the discs? Probably not but who knows? Ask your doctor.


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Obviously your MD should be aware of the extent of your curvature, and the fact that you are engaging in a strengthening program. My middle brother has had 4 herniated discs since he wrestled in school (back in the 90’s). As long as he keeps his lumbar muscles strong, he’s perfectly okay, in fact, still strong as an ox and athletic as all hell. If he slacks for a few weeks, he starts to experience pain.



One of the greatest deadlifters of all time had scoliosis, fella by the name of Lamar Gant. Google him for more info…


So far deadlifts have been beneficial to me, ive never once had pain from doing them. Your friend should deadlift, but whether he has scoliosis or not, good form is paramount because the heavier you go the more form will make a difference. Bad form may not make alot of difference when deadlifting 150 pounds, but it can determine whether or not you spend the night in the ER if youre doing 500 pounds.


I have scoliosis (had to do physical therapy when i was a pretty young, not nearly bad enough for surgery). I pull well over 500 now and haven’t had any problems.


I’ve had back surgery for scoliosis when I was 16, so i started doing deadlifts last year at the age of 41.

My back has never felt better, deadlifts have actually made it feel stronger and more stable than ever.

I have no choice but to have a straight back when I do them, so my form is automatic.

I’m pulling 290 lbs. right now, I think I might stop at 350 or so and just go for reps after that, I’m not sure how my back will react to going past that, but it sure as hell has helped my back so far.


I have a mild scoliosis and my orthopedist told me to lift hard and keep adding muscles. It was kind of cool since I didn’t expect that advice. Before working out I sometimes had back pain. They return when I can’t train my lower back for a while.