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Deadlifts and Leg Fatigue

Whenever I deadlift the outside of my upper thighs get tired before anything else. Is this weak muscles or a form issue? I don’t have a video but can get one next deadlift day which is next Wednesday lol. If really needed I can get one tomorrow. If it is weak muscles what can I do to make them stronger? My back feels great it’s just that area that fatigues.

Just keep doing deadlifts and following the rest of your program. As long as you’re using a sensible TM for your deadlifts, you won’t be failing any lifts and it doesn’t really matter what part fatigues first.

There’s always going to be one area that gets tired before the rest for any lift, but if you’re putting in the work and getting good clean reps/setting PRs, it will sort itself out over time.

Makes sense. I realized too, now that I’m at work, I use my leg to kick a lot of parts every night for 30 mins (350 parts @ 15lbs) or sometimes an hr per night. I guess my body will have to adapt. Thanks for the advice.

Yeah don’t overthink it, just eat enough to recover and you’ll be fine. I highly recommend doing some conditioning too, if you aren’t already. I added 3-4 20min sessions on the bike on my off days, after a few weeks my leg soreness went way, way down. And recovery between sets gets a nice boost too.

Recovery between sets is my issue. I may have to rest longer in between sets. Outside of the gym I’m never sore. I eat around 4,000 calories a day, so far it seems to be helping and I’m not gaining fat so that’s def not an issue. I need to do conditioning.

Sorry I just had no idea what this meant:

Maybe you’ve said this before but what are you kicking every night?

It’s a part we run at the factory I work at. It’s a dryer and I work on a line that hangs parts to get painted. We kick the cab onto a hook using our right foot and right hand. its more like lifting with the foot and leg.

Are you doing sumo style or conventional DLs? Sumo would affect your outer quads

I’m doing conventional. On my 5x5 I tried sumo for a few sets but I feel way stronger in conventional.

Squats and deadlits would help greatly. As would ab work/low back and rows/chins.

I’m currently doing your 531 for bwfinners. I’m squatting and benching Monday and friday, deadlifting and pressing on Wednesday. I do need to do more abwork and chins. Thanks for the help!