Deadlifts and grip weakness.

I was doing deadlifts today and when I got to my fourth set fourth rep (should be doing 5 reps) I could no longer hold the bar. What should I do in that case? Should I end the set early or should I take a minimal break and try to finish the set?

Dont pull reps in the deadlift. haha. besides that use straps. Its hard to hold a weight for multiple reps. Just one of the many reasons i only pull singles in the regular deadlift. If i do higher reps on deadlift i use straps.

Do as many sets as you can without straps. When you lose your grip, start using the straps. This will allow your grip to strengthen, as well as not allowing your lack of grip strength to hinder your deadlifing poundages. Just don’t start using the straps at the beginning or your grip will not increase.


are you using chalk? if not, then do it. im assuming you arent doing deads for a lifting meet, since you are doing reps without resetting each time. if this is the case and you are just working deads into your program, why not use straps when your grip finally gives. another option would be to grow a pair and just hang on to the damn bar.

good luck,
ryan b.

What kind of grip are you using? Double overhand? Mixed?

I would just end the set there and take note to start working on your grip. You might want to try timed barbell holds for about as long as it takes you to complete a heavy set of 5.

Do you use an alternating grip? Do you use chalk? If not, I’d suggest both plus keep your hands spaced right outside your legs if doing conventional deads, plus try “twisting” your hands against the bar right before the lift.

If you must then use wrist straps but not if you plan on competing.

Are you using the hook grip? I have no problems holding on to the end of a set when I use the hooker. Wrap your fingers around your thumb on the bar and thats it, its alittle uncomfortable at first.

I’m using a regular grip I guess, palms facing me.

I don’t use chalk but I do wear gloves.

I’m not doing it for a meet or anything just part of my routine.

I just started really doing them the past month or so.

I do reset the bar and regrip.

Time to break out the straps then. I’ll hold on as long as I can then use straps for the remaining reps.

I as well as most people have a grip issue when doing deadlifts. I personally do not use straps or hooks as I feel they are just covering up one of my weaknesses. So I constantly work on my grip strength by doing bar hangs and more deadlifts.

Use an alternating grip and lose the gloves.

Ever tried 1-ton lifting hooks ?
You’ll be able to do at least 5 reps more.

use creatine

yeah, ill second bangs. just use some creatine. and dont waste your money on that crap thats mixed with sugar. just get some plain ol’ creatine powder, dump it in a big zip lock baggy and then stick your hands in the bag before your deads. just sort of clap your hands together in the bag. try to get as much covering around your palm and thumb as possible. shake off the extra back into the zip lock bag. this should keep your hands from slipping and really improve your grip.

Stick with it your grip will get stronger.

I don’t use straps. Start with a regular grip, then use a mixed grip when regular gives out.

Using straps just perpetuates a weak link in your chain IMHO.

I can’t do a single rep w/o straps!

Wow, creatine for better grip. This info is priceless! :D)

Need anything else, lemme know… :wink:

Warhorse I think I’m gonna do what you suggested. I COMPLETELY forgot about the palm out/palm facing grip. I’ll use the regular grip until I fail then switch to that grip. I don’t wanna use straps.

Are you training your grip at all outside of pulling? If not, I can make some suggestions for assistance work.

I’m doing the “Pinch 2 Plates and hold” exercise or whatever the hell its called.