Deadlifts and a big bag of fun

Howdy homies-
I am doing Joel Marion’s new scheme which is the 12 weeks to gaining size. I am 6’3" and 240lbs at 18.5% bf. My squat at the moment is more then my deads. I squatted on Monday 205x10 for 5 sets and did around 185x7 for 5 sets of deads. I read coch davis article on 10 mistakes of deads. I kept my shulders round, lower back straight, shoulders behind bar, air in belly, and didn’t squat the weight, my lower back was still hurting really bad, and I didn’t feel like I was able to get the leverage that coach davis spoke of. Any tips on what I could do to become a real deadlifter? BTW does doing so many sets of such a compound movement maybe hinder my progress?

I did the deads on sunday and squatted on monday so not to think i did them on the same day.


Deads take practice to really learn well, either that or inborn skill.

Just keep doing them, sooner or later you will have a few that click and then more and more of them will go right.

I dont think I would do deads the day after squatting though, they both work some of the same muscles so you should separate them a bit more.

TxMikey, it’s a whole differnt approach to working out – emphasis on power and strength, not bodybuilding – but if you want to increase either your squat or DL numbers, start reading the Westside threads. I think Char-Dawg said to do a search on simonstate.

This works well for me, 4 days rest between squats and deadlifts, allows me to do both with bigger weight.

day 1 squats / hams
day 3 chest / biceps / calves
day 5 deadlift / triceps
day 7 shoulders / upper back
even days off
I like to keep deads and squats as far apart from one another, too fatigued otherwise.