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Deadlifts 505x1, 405x12 @ 204, 19y/o

failed at the knees on my 565 attempt, and was too burned to do 555, so i backed off and did this. I realize I need to sit back more, and lock out fully on all 12 reps

Awesome work man! You seem like a natural deadlifter.

Nice work man! Like you said, it seems like you’re not fully utilizing your glutes.
You’ll be sick when that’s corrected!

Nice pulling. Looks like you’ve harnessed the “will to powerlifting.”

Thanks guys! Also going to be moving up to 215-220 soon. 204 is far too light for 6’5" lol

Lol i love the skinny guys that thrash the heavy weights around having fun with it.

Good lifting! What do you study at Mac?

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
Good lifting! What do you study at Mac?[/quote]

thanks! I’m studying philosophy (for lack of a better idea of what to do with my life lol)