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a powerlifter told me to use small 25lb plates instead of 45lb plates so i can initiate the dealift from a lower position. i guess this goes along the same lines as doing deeper stiff legged deads while standing on the blocks. Personally i find using dumbells and coming to within 1 inch off the ground is just as good for the stiff legged dead. Maybe you should go heavier weight and see if that helps. It might force you to recruit the hams more. I have the same problem about feeling it a lot in my lower back. All i know is that my deads have been going up and i’ve added a good amount of size to my hams. laters pk

Big Rob, I trained hams yesterday and did a combination
of what pkradgreek & Mr C were talking about…I used
plates no larger than the 25’s, cut back 25% on my
work out poundage, while going for full extension in
ultra strict fashion…And today I am as sore as shit!.