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Im 19 5’8 162 10 % body fat and when I deadlift heavy 315 for 6-8 reps I get this tremondous pain in my left knee the next day or 2 after working out. I have tried stretching it out and nothing seems to get rid of the pain. My question is what is causing this pain and how can I prevent it.


hmm I ain’t no doctor with fancy degrees and learnin but… you say your knees hurt after deadlifts eh? hmm… sounds like a case of getting hit by something to the knee after you leave the gym after going heavy with the deadlifts. Since obviously it couldn’t be the deadlifts themselves… My advice is for you to try to avoid getting hit to the knees by sticks or what not. Or maybe re-evaluate your deadlift form, maybe get a friend who you know is good at ems to help you or what not.

Where do you feel the pain exactly (above/below/inside the joint etc.)? Can you describe what it feel like (dull ache, shooting pain, etc.)?

Zev the pain occurs when I bend my knee up high like walking up stairs. Its a dull pain and there seems to be alot of cracking/ poping going on in the knee.

Matt L
Thanks for the responses

I have notice something similar when I don’t pay atention how my legs are extended while lifting (deadlifts, squats or lunges). I tend to wobble my legs if I loose concentration. E.g. If I am sitting down and I stand up. Instead of just standing up whith my legs on a straight line trajectory, they tend to go towards the outside. Also, when I can’t do close squats with feet pointing straight. My knees travel towards the inside. I have to point my feet out until I find the right position so my knees don’t go out or in. If I don’t take time to get in correct position, my knee(s) hurt like hell the following days as if I pulled something specially going up the stairs. I am not saying this is what is happening to you, but it might be something to look at if you care to.

Matt, where is the pain occurring relative to the knee joint? Is it in the tendon just above your kneecap, then tendon just below the kneecap, to the outside of the kneecap, or in the joint itself?

Jaranda ill may more attention to my knee postion next time I deadlift or squat. Zev it seems to be the tendons just below the knee.

Thanks for the help
Matt L

Does squatting aggravate it?

Possibly patellar tendonitis or Osgoode Schlater (sp?). You’re fairly young still, so Osgoode is a possibility. I’d think that it’s more likely your knee is caving inward at the pull.

Squating doesnt seem to bother it. The only time it hurt when squating was while doing close stance squats but other than that never while squating.

Next time Im really going to watch my knee movement hopefully that will be the end of it.
Thanks again guys your help is wonderful
Matt L