Deadlifting Without Shoes?

In the past I have not done much deadlifting. Heck until I started reading at this site I never deadlifted. Now I realize that it is an important lift and is incorporated into my training sessions. Of course since I never did it before I needed to not only learn how to deadlift but how to deadlift right. This site has provided me with a wealth of information, but recently I read about a T-Nation lifter that was given trouble at his gym for lifting barefoot.

I’d heard about deadlifting barefoot but I’ve never been told why people do it. Does it help form? Prevent injury? Or is it just for comfort? I’d just like to know and of course if it is the better way to deadlift I’ll start doing it.

People do it to decrease the distance the bar has to travel and to get out of shoes with soft, squishy soles. Most people don’t really need to do it.

Just use shoes that are completely flat. i was using running shoes for a while and my heels would ache for days after a couple workouts of doing deads in them. i switched to some FILAs i have that are completely flat and my feet never ache from deading…

I deadlift in my socks and I like it. If you can’t do that then Converse All stars or other flat shoes are suggested.

Work boots will do the trick for you. Make you look like a real man.

[quote]triple-10sets wrote:
Work boots will do the trick for you. Make you look like a real man. [/quote]

Ha! Maybe I should wear my jump boots! Thanks for the input, after reading it all I understand the logic. I have a pair of indoor soccer shoes that are flat as a pancake and it sounds like they’ll fit the bill.