Deadlifting Twice A Week?

Hey guys, got a newbie question for ya!

So I have not been doing this for long at all, so I am a lil clueless as to how to go about it. My 1RM for the Deadlift is 195kgs/429lbs. So far I have been able to go up 2.5kgs a side just about every week, but now I can really feel that I am going to have trouble breaking past this 195-200kg mark. I really want that 500lb pull :(.

So the question is, do you guys think it would be wise to throw in some deadlifts on say Fridays too? Hit them twice a week, maybe one day go for a rep record and the other max out?
Or should I just stick to once a week? Hmm this would probably fry my CNS with all my other training in there so I could leave a few in the tank on the Friday. Let me know what you guys think. Any other advice to help me improve on my deads would be great, too.


What does your current template look like?

I know that deadlifting twice in one week will definately be to much for most when squats and bench etc. are taken into account…

The Split looks like this:
T-Legs/Lower Back
T-Legs/Lower Back

Its no powerlifting template, but Tuesday is my “powerlifting” day. I will ramp up to my 1RM on both deadlifts and squats. I also do the same for the bench press on the chest days. So yeah, maybe DLing twice a week will be too much considering I max out on lifts throughout the week. Although week2 is only tuesday and wednesday that I max out so maybe I could throw in some DLs on that week’s friday? So every 2nd week I would DL twice. Thoughts?
Is ek mal? :wink:

If you see that you are starting to slow down with your gains there are a few things you can do.

  1. Pull once every 2-3 weeks and focus on assistance lifts in between. Rack lock outs, pull throughs, grip work and some other things (search the site to find more)

  2. Change from maxing out every week to hitting some speed pulls with bands, chains or just straight weight for speed. Maybe do 8x3 with 315 and focus on form and speed.

  3. Eat more, rest more so you can gain more muscle mass to be ABLE to pull 500.

Since you are a newb you MIGHT be able to get away with pulling 2x a week…but since you’re pulling some respectable weight, I’d suggest trying something else out.

I know what it’s like to chase a PR…but you don’t want to fuck yourself up and take a few steps back instead of a step forward.

Train smart.

So klein bietjie :slight_smile: Taamlik sterk vir 'n beginner sal ek sê…

Well I think if you really wanna go to a 500lbs and most likely higher dead, you should consider a powerlifting template-it makes for longer and more sensible progression with targeted assistance work.

Weakpoints in any lift will need some attention the more you up the weight. Powerlifting templates allow for just that with the assistance work that one can include.

I suggest you have a look at the various Westside templates-there are some great variations on as well. Wendler 531 also springs to mind as a GREAT and SIMPLE system…

If you really enjoy powerlifting you should switch over. By the way-there’s nothing wrong with doing a powerlifting template for bodybuilding-if that is your goal. Surplus calories and strength progression is what makes you grow in any case- just adapt the assistance work for some bodybuilding work-also research deloading and please apply it to your training. Over a year it makes a HUGE difference.

You will start to see that deadlift once a week is more than enough if you do the correct assistance on squat day etc…CNS recovery is most important for strength gains.

Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated!
I checked out that Westside template, looks good so I will most likely switch to that when I’m done with my current split in the next month. I will take your advice on deloading - it will do me the world of good I’m sure, and I will switch it up a bit in the gym and focus on grip work and such also (I pulled 200kgs today and I KNOW I will not be able to hold anything heavier haha). I will throw some extra assistance work in until I switch templates. Oh and I will stick to once a week with the DLs :).

Thanks again guys

I pull 2-3 times per week, no problem, but I don’t max out more than like at most every other month.
What is holding you back from lifting more? I think you should try not maxing out so often.

I used to pull twice a week but i cant do it. I’ve found that i also cant pull from the floor every week because i never stick to the plan. I always end up wanting to pull heavy. When my back is 100% i will pull every other week. I will also rotate the height at im pulling from.
Week 1- Squat-pull from floor
Week 2- squat- hamstrings/low back
Week 3- Squat- pull from 2in box
Week 4- Squat- hamstirngs low back
Week 5- Squat- Rack pull or from higher boxes
Week 6- Squat only

Repeat for 12 week cycle

[quote]jonatan-shg wrote:
What is holding you back from lifting more? I think you should try not maxing out so often.[/quote]

I dont know. I can just feel that I have reached a wall. I did set a PR today but I know I wont be able to pull 205kgs next week. My grip is holding me back on a few things at the moment - heavy shrugs, heavy rows and such - so that is part of it. Today’s DL took its toll on my right ham so I will have to work on that. I will focus on assistance work, grip work and all that and hopefully break through this wall.

I know it doesn’t sound like I have hit a wall when I talk about getting a new PR even today, but usually when I walk in the gym I can feel that I have the strength to lift heavier. That feeling is gone with the DLs. It is becoming harder to get that weight up. I will be holding back on the max outs for a short while.