Deadlifting Troubles

I have always had a hard time dead lifting, despite having long legs and being tall.
I always tend to round my back and pull with my back. Do you guys have any tips and tricks to help that? I practice everyday with a plain bar, but then when I add real weight it all goes down the drain.

Also, I have a hard time putting the weight down. I either put it down fast and remove some skin from my knees and shins, or I put it down slow and there goes all my energy.

So if you guys have any tips to help me with my troubles that would be great.

Despite the fact that you have provided us virtually no information about your form and haven’t included a video of your lift, I will say there’s still a 99.9% chance that your problem stems from

  1. lack of mobility

  2. weakness in lower back

Can you bend down and touch your toes while maintaining the arch in your lower back while keeping your chest facing forward? If not, what makes you think you’ll be able to do this with weight on the bar?

Use tampons for your shins. It stops the bleeding.

Do you round your upper or lower back? lower is always bad :slight_smile:

[quote]Tor00 wrote:
I have always had a hard time dead lifting, despite having long legs and being tall.[/quote]
No. BECAUSE of having long legs and being tall. Which kinda makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with ME. 5’9" with a long torso and long arms, and I still suck at it… FML

Put some weight on the bar. Enough to be a challenge, but not enough to break down your form. Work on adding weight while still keeping solid form. You’re prolly just lifting too heavy.

Post a vid or at least a pic of your setup.

I had the same problem. I am 6’4" with long arms and long legs. You have to use light weight and proper form. Really focus on keeping your lower back from rounding. If that is the limiting factor on your lifts it will eventually catch up. Start with as little as 95 pounds if you have to, just make sure you get the form right.

Wasting energy on putting the bar down is dumb. Put it down in a controlled drop:

That means don’t be an asshole and throw it down; it also means that you don’t have to act like you’re setting it down inside a China Shop.

I use a divebomb setup (after I set my feet up) to pull and it helps me keep my back straighter and torso more upright so I don’t turn it into a SLDL.

In your setup, after you grab the bar and crouch down (i.e. right before you lift), pull your chest towards the bar while keeping your arms straight (think of it like shrugging your shoulder blades straight back, except your hands remain in one place).

Vid would be nice. You might not be getting your hips low enough. Practice straightening your lower back by placing your hands on your thighs while standing upright, then slowly push your hips back and bend your knees until your hands slide down to your knees WITHOUT bending your torso over at all.

Also, you won’t deadlift heavy weights with a controlled drop. After lockout, I keep it touching my leg and lower it to my knees (weight is on my legs, not my back), then let it free fall from my knees to the ground (with my hands still wrapped around it).

Dunno how tall you are but I’m 6’3"